Microsoft to Announce the new Xbox at E3 2017

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As you may already know, Microsoft has been working on a new generation Xbox, AKA the Project Scorpio for quite awhile.

Although we’ve been waiting for the project details and release date from Microsoft since 2015, Xbox team has finally stated that the Project Scorpio details and release date will be announced at the E3 2017 fair.

The Xbox, which Microsoft has repeatedly pointed out as “the most powerful console” on the market, seems to be announced at the E3 2017 fair. The 4K gaming experience and TFLOPS value stated that the console will be the most powerful device, once again an image shared in previous announcements appeared in the official statement. Microsoft has shared the Xbox E3 2017 conference date with the official announcement. Project Scorpio visuals were used in the picture shared for the Xbox conference which will take place around 11:00 PM on June 11 at 23:00 GMT.

As usual, the conference will be held in Galen Center, as well as the new Xbox model, Microsoft is expected to make new game announcements.