New Feature for Cortana Arrives

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Microsoft today announced that  they have added new features to Cortana. With the new feature Cortana will now organize your daily life and help you to remember everything you need to do. Especially its new email remainder helps you to never forget promises you gave on email.


The feature that Cortana can currently use in Windows 10 operating system allows you to forget the words you give to someone else via e-mail. For example, if your boss or co-worker sends you an email saying, “I’ll give you a presentation tomorrow,” and you forget it, Cortana senses it and publishes a reminder message as the presentation time gets closer. You only need to connect Cortana with your Outlook or Office 365 account and Cortana will take care of the rest by reminding everything you need via your computer or smartphone.


The new feature is currently only available on the Windows 10 platform. Android and iOS users will have to wait a while to have this feature