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Facebook Now Has A Plan To Fight Fake News

facebook fake news

Facebook has been in the headlines a lot recently. Most of the time it was for election scandals and spreading fake news. These headlines obviously caught a lot of peoples’ attention, and Facebook finally decided to do something about it.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook posted a long blog post called “Preparing for Elections” where he shared publicly how they will be fighting against fake news, fake accounts, and other fake information.

It’s a 3000+ word article, so if you don’t have time to read it, let me break it down for you in a few bullet points.

  • They will prevent publishers of hoaxes from selling ads against their content.
  • They will remove all posts that use hoaxes/fake news to encourage violence.
  • They will finally get rid of the fake accounts.
  • Advertisers will now be required to verify their identities before being able to advertise on their platform
  • They will be working closely with governments to identify and deal with influence campaigns.

This is a shortened version of his 3000+ word post on Facebook.

They also said that they will be fact-checking pictures & videos posted on their platform. To do that, they will be using robot & human reviewers to fight against misinformation and propaganda. They also mentioned that they will be following every user-flagged post closely to be able to detect the false information.

I am really eager to see how this will work out, and I want to know what they have exactly planned to do to fight the fake news & other fake and misleading information.

I personally am a Facebook user, and I’ve seen that the number of misleading posts & fake accounts has decreased compared to the previous year(s). This is a good sign that what Facebook is planning to do might actually work, and that might bring Facebook back to life.