Fiftythree made the coolest Apple pencil we’ve ever seen

fiftythree apple pencil discount
fiftythree apple pencil discount

I would like to introduce you the special item of “Paper by Fifty Three“, an iPad illustration application. First of all, let’s talk about app. The use of the application is limited to your creativity. Whether you want to take notes, create a logo or illustrate a cartoon,  to use completely is a good application for you to use completely. You can download the app for free and purchase some extra and premium features within the app. Or you can activate all tools when you buy the pencil and connect with Bluetooth.

PS: Make sure to get the Pencil via Amazon for an extra 20% discount. It’s available on Apple Store too.

With the 2012 Paper Design Award winning Apple Design Award, you can take pictures with your iPad, get various notes. There are dozens of apps in the App Store where you can perform these functions. But as far as I can see, only a few of them are useful and functional. One of them is the Paper application. When you fully charge the Fiftythree Apple pencil it lasts 30 days and connects to other devices via Bluetooth support. With the help of the so-called palm rejection technique in Pencil, you can draw your hand in a very close environment by resting your hand on the screen. The frame is made of 14-carat gold finish so that the writing and eraser sensors can react faster and more accurately.

fiftythree apple pencil
Fiftythree apple pencil – Best we’ve ever seen


Main takeaways from the product page;
  • Connects to iPads 3+, iPad mini, iPad Pro, iPhone 4s and above.
  • Connects to Paper by FiftyThree, Microsoft OneNote, Procreate, Sketchbook Mobile, Note shelf, and others.
  • Surface Pressure: Pencil’s unique tip is shaped to create lines of all sizes without any settings.
  • Erase: Pencil’s built-in eraser lets you try anything knowing an eraser is only a flip away.
  • Blend: Use your finger to smooth rough edges and blend colors directly on the page.
  • Palm Rejection: Rest your hand on the screen and write from any angle. No calibration or setup.
  • What’s included: Pencil, USB rechargeable battery, Extra Tip, Extra Eraser
  • Gold model