Here’s Why PewDiePie Faked His Way to the 50M Subscribers

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In the past week, when PewDiePie promised to delete his huge Youtube channel and he fooled everybody.

PewDiePie explains why he can not delete his channel with a video he has created. The famous YouTuber, who said that when he gets 50 million subscribers, he will delete his channel.

Why did not PewDiePie delete the channel?
PewDiePie announced the news that over the past week that he will delete the channel when it reaches 50 million subscribers. When the time came, it turned out that everything was a trick. PewDiePie deleted a side channel, not the main one with 50 million subscribers.

As mentioned here before, the reason for that click bait according to his recent video named 50 million, is the latest Youtube algorithm drops the view numbers in serious proportions as the channel grows.