PS4 Pro Gets Updated with the 4K Media Support

Playstation 4

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PS4 Pro allowed its users to play games and stream 4K videos through content platforms like Netflix and Youtube, but you never had the chance to play your own 4K videos, well, until today.

Sony’s PS4 Pro media player update allows you to watch 4K videos that are recorded by you. These files need to be saved in MP4 format, but you can play them from a USB drive or from a media server on your home network. If you have both PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR headsets, it is possible to watch 4K VR videos in 3D.

Still, we need to add that unlike the Xbox One S, PS4 Pro still doesn’t *fully* support 4K media content. For example you still can’t watch 4K Blu-ray movies with PS4 Pro, but this update makes things a bit better for PS4 owners and shows us that Sony is aware of the problem and taking baby steps to provide a better user experience.


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