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ASUS ZenPower 10050mAh Power Bank Review

We can safely say that the ZenPower mobile charger produced by Asus is also quite enjoyable with its design. Of course, the contribution of having a big discount for this product is also great. We can easily say that this gadget is one of the best options you can buy.

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Who Should Buy?

Those who are considering buying a mobile charger that looks stylish with high capacity and high-quality materials, should definitely take a look at Asus ZenPower.



Let’s see how good the Asus ZenPower is;

Thanks to the evolving technology of the smartphones, portable power stations are living in their golden ages.

ZenPower is just another brand of Asus  that provides an affordable and powerful solution for your charge problems.


At a capacity of 10050 mAh


In the days we passed, we reviewed Romoss power bank credit card-sized mobile charger. In addition to the compact size and slim design, ZenPower, the product of Asus, is based on credit card dimensions. But when we compare it with the Romoss Grand Touring GT1, it looks thicker. The reason for this is, of course, the large capacity of the ZenPower. The device is fully capable of 10050 mAh, so you can be happy to have it with you at any time, as it can charge your phone more than once. Let’s look at a quick design before moving on to technical structure and performance.


Asus Zenpower; Aluminum design

ZenPower, frankly speaking, has a very stylish structure. Aluminum-coated structure with the upper shirt is available in a variety of color options. The model in our hands is silver. On the front, only the Asus logos are listed, and under the device, it is said to be 10050 mAh.

When we look at the top of the charger, we see the LED notification lights and a button here. By using these, you can see the duration of use rate of the device. We see USB and microUSB points on the side.

Finally, let’s also say that the weight of ZenPower is 215 gauge. Yeah, it’s a heavier device next to your cell phone. But this is due to its large capacity and stylish aluminum construction. That’s why we do not consider it as a minus.

Asus ZenPower Technical Details

ZenPower is able to transfer energy at 2A at the entry point and 2.4A at the exit. If the battery is completely empty, the charging time for the device which needs to be charged for 6 hours to full charge rate is a bit long. But he gives it away later.

For example, if you own an LG G3, you can charge your phone more than 3 times. Or if you own a ZenFone 6 again, it is possible to charge the phone 3 times again. That means you stay away from the plugs for about three days. Samples can be reproduced more … So, how effective is ZenPower’s charge rate?



We tested ZenPower on the Sony Xperia Z3. We held the ZenPower for about 45 minutes while we connected the phone at 17 percent charge level. At the end of this training, we have seen that ZenPower, which brings the battery to 51 percent, which is a 34 percent increase, can be charged at maximum 1290 mAh at the performance point. Let’s say that when we connect the same phone to the normal prize we have 780 mAh and we see a 20% increase in 40 minutes. In this context, it would be hard to say that the Xperia Z3, which has a full capacity in 3 hours and 23 minutes, will run in about 2 hours with ZenPower.