Beelink GT1 TV Box Review

Beelink is one of the few reputable Chinese TV box producers out there, but surprisingly, this Android 6.0.1 media player is very cheap. It only costs $70, almost half of the price of other similar TV boxes.

If you are interested in a low-budged and top of the line specs TV box with the limitless features of the Android OS, keep on reading.


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First of all, it gets updated frequently to provide you with a bug-free device and latest OS. as you can tell from the name, It uses an Octa Core s912 CPU at 2.0GHz, so you have much more room for multitasking and a faster device.It also incorporates a new ARM Mali-T820MP3 GPU, this GPU that Beelink model 40 percent faster than other previous model Beelink devices, so, streaming a music or video while playing a game will be much easier and more fun.
Before getting into the review, let’s also mention a few more metrics, it gives you 2G DDR3 RAM, 16GB of storage, 5G WiFi connectivity speed, Bluetooth 4.0. All in all, it is a flagship product among all other Android TV boxes that cost 100 bucks or less.


On the top, you’ll see a nice and detailed documentation when you open up the box, this is the user’s operation guide and covers all the basics from setting the Beelink up and using it. That’s one of the other great things about all Beelink products, no matter which one and where you bought it from, you’ll receive full customer support and future updates. So never feel like you’re picking up some cheap device that’s gonna die in the near future.

Right under the user’s handbook, you’ll finally see the well designed, elegant and fancy GT1.

A user guide and the actual device aren’t the only things that come within the box. Right under the device, we have an HDMI cable which we use to connect our GT1 to the TV, projector or just a regular monitor.

There’s another box inside the box and it contains the power adopter.

PS: Depending on your location, it comes with different types of adopter plugs, so make sure to specify your location before placing your order.

And the last accessory comes, obviously is the remote. It just a regular IR remote, easy to use and suitable for day to day usage.

Design reviews

First, it’s very small, probably one of the tiniest Android TV boxes available out there. the dotted material used on the exterior looks just great, no other words to describe it. That glassy finish with some sort of underline pattern looks really cool.

On the front side of the device, we don’t really have much anything, no logo, no sensors or lights, it’s completely covered with gray paint and looks a bit empty.

But on the rear side, it’s full of all the required connection ports you may need, including DC power port, a USB 2.0, HDMI out, gigabit ethernet and also an optical SPDIF out port for connecting your receiver.

Operation System

GT1 is a small TV box that weight about 0.1800 kg and it measures around 10cm in length. However, it’s packed with enough power and entertainment for the whole family. That new model Beelink as stated above, features the latest processor, it is equipped with the latest Octa Core s912 CPU, for faster processing speed and smooth entertainment experience. The Amlogic S912 supports 4K high dynamic range and it includes Dolby DTS audio decoding, HDR10, and HLG.

It offers 4K video quality at 60 frames per second and 10-bit video decoder. The GT1 has multi-format video playback including vp9 with complete Dolby DTS certifications.

It uses standard Android launcher terminal when you open it up, a nicely designed Android UI welcomes you, in case you don’t like the original launcher, you have the chance to download the third party free or premium launchers from the Android Market.


Its display is powered by the Mali T820 GPU and offers plenty of features for the optimal efficiency to deliver rich user interfaces and compelling content to the next generation of main stream mobile devices. It maintains Amlogic’s characteristic offerings of the best performance from the smallest possible silicon area, by increasing performance density up to 40% over previous models in the same configuration and process node.

At the right top of the screen, there is the wifi connectivity icon that show’s your connection level. As you can see from the launcher image above, its main menu screen has everything you may need in a launcher including your favorite apps, time/date and even weather information, a browser and a quick access button to the Android Market.

Left bottom of the menu, there’s a performance button and when you’re done using an app, click on it and kills the related software running in the background and saves you some CPU to speed up your device.

In the same content box, right next to that performance button, there are settings button and a file opener tool which basically allows you to read files from memory or your USB.

Wrapping Up;

Overall, as already shown in our reviews, GT1 is probably one of the most budged friendly and high-quality Android TV boxes out there. It can be paired with almost any screen/TV that has HDMI connectivity and very easy to setup and use. If these are what were you looking for, don’t look anymore because Beelink is exactly what you need.

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