Best Soundbars of 2017

1. Sonos PLAYBAR

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept and never used a high fidelity wireless speaker device before, Sonos is one of the companies in the world that creates these wireless hubs that allow you to sync music and other content to a speaker. The Playbar is almost 3 feet in length and features a simple, elegant and beautiful design. The bar itself is created really nicely, the construction and the materials used on the device are top notch. It feels very solid and high quality. There are 9 speakers in the device and once you see it, you’ll realize that it’s not a cheap sound bar. It’s very easy to use, produces AMAZING sound that i personally loved, and has an amazing design, so if you have some money and want to invest in a good soundbar, definitely go with the Sonos Playbar because you won’t regret it.

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2. Bose SoundTouch 300

The Bose SoundTouch 300 soundbar is a pretty slim soundbar which can play really loud sound, and that sound is very clear and spacious. This soundbar features the QuietPort technology which virtually eliminates distortion so you hear surprisingly deep bass – while the Bose PhaseGuide technology makes you believe you’re hearing sounds where there are no speakers. I personally love the design on this soundbar, because it has a glass top and a really good looking front which definitely makes it a stunning soundbar. It has HDMI connectivity with 4K pass-through which can make your music, movies and TV amazing. Bose is really good at audio products, and they definitely did a really good job with this soundbar.


3. VIZIO SB3851-C0

Vizio is a pretty famous and reputable brand in television business, and they seem to be doing a pretty good job with soundbars too. The Vizio SB 38 51 is an amazing and affordable 38″ soundbar which provides 100 db of crystal clear sound just like the Vizio sb 3821 c6. It comes with a wireless subwoofer, so that’s a big plus for this product because no one wants a lot of wires near their TV, right? The Vizio also offers Bluetooth with aptX compatibility for streaming from tablets and phones, so if you want to stream music to it from your phone, you can do it! The bass on the subwoofer is outstanding, and i personally love it because i love to listen to music and watch movies with a lot of bass. This can be a problem for some people that don’t like it a lot, because normally it’s pretty loud.


4. Yamaha YAS-203

This 35 inch wide soundbar is a pretty good option for people that are looking for a soundbar that can fill a medium-to large room with loud and clear sound. It has a pretty large subwoofer, and it produces amazing bass as a result. It comes with a very simple and straightforward remote control from which you can control the subwoofer and the soundbar… you can even download the Home Theater Controller application on your phone to control it directly from there. Overall this soundbar is very good looking, durable and its easy to setup and the only downside is that there is no HDMI connection, but that’s not such a big deal in my opinion.

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5. Q Acoustics Media 4

The Q Acoustics Media 4 is an amazing soundbar with a Built-In Subwoofer which basically Eliminates the extra boxes and cables, and that makes everything much smoother and better looking. This soundbar comes with a wall bracket, so if your TV is mounted to the wall, you can mount this soundbar too. This Soundbar uses BMR loudspeaker drive units and that means that it delivers outstanding sonic performance, and also can spread the sound across a wide area, so basically this means that even if you have a large room, this soundbar will be able to fill the whole room with quality sound. Overall it’s a great product and it doesn’t cost too much, so i would recommend it to you.