Top 10 Color Label Printers for Small Businesses’ Commercial use

Color label printers are used for both commercial and domestic uses. Color label printers print logos that you can use in different ways like labels for newly produced items in a production company, fresh food labels, and healthcare label printing, storing food in refrigerators at your home, and packing boxes, and keeping things in your backyard or storeroom.

Top 10 Color Label Printers

To reduce your hassle and save your time in selecting a color label printer, here we are reviewing the best top 10 models available in the market.

1. Primera LX900 Color Label Printer

Primera LX900 Color Label Printer

The AC powered color label printer from Primera prints full-color photo quality images, barcodes and QR codes on highly water-resistant and scratch-resistant labels.

This printer is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. The printer works with Microsoft Windows Vista, XP and 7 and supports Apple operating systems.

You do not need a computer with advanced features, this printer works well with a standard computer.

With a print resolution of 4800 dpi and printing full-color labels with speeds up to 4.5 inches per second, this is an amazing gadget.

The width of the label can be varied from 0.75 inches to 8 inches. The four inks cyan, magenta, yellow and black give different color combination and the images are enhanced using Primera imaging perfection feature.

It uses high-quality individual cartridges with dye or pigment inks. Added features like warranty and a helpful customer service from the manufacturers make it the best product.


  • Q: Will this printer work with Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 as well?
  • A: Yes.
  • Q: Does this printer come with cartridges or we have to purchase them separately?
  • A: Yes, the cartridges come with the printer.
  • Q: What are the materials that the printer can print on?
  • A: The Primera LX900 can print on high gloss/matt paper, high gloss/matt polypropylene, high gloss/matt tag, and clear/white/silver polyester.
  • Primera is offering a limited warranty on this product and has a very helpful customer service.
  • Users report that printing speed and quality of the product remain excellent even after extensive usage for long period of time.
  • The printer is easy to set-up and quick to use.
  • Efficient working and helping users to save money has resulted in complete user satisfaction and no issues or cons have been reported so far.

2. Epson SecurColor TM-C3400 Color Label Printer

Epson SecurColor TM-C3400 Color Label Printer

Epson SecurColor is operated through a USB interface connected to the computer and powered by AC voltage.

This printer works well with a normal work computer and can be operated through all the major variants of Microsoft Windows and Apple operating systems. The printer prints flawless color labels at an affordable price.

Ideal for high-mix and low volume applications, it can be adjusted to handle widths of 1.2 inch to 4.4 inches.

The one cartridge system makes the refilling of cartridge effortless and the cartridge has three colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow). The resolution of 360 x 720 dpi gives your pixel perfect prints and labels can be printed at a speed of 3.7 inches per second.

  • This model from Epson is rated as a very durable one by the users.
  • The customer service of Epson is very helpful and this printer comes with a limited warranty.
  • This printer is not only helpful for small and medium-sized business but also for large-scale production facilities.
  • Users report that the printer gets jammed once in a while.

3. Primera LX400 Color Label Printer

Primera LX400 Color Label Printer

Managed through a standard computer and operated through USB interface and powered by AC voltage, this printer uses inkjet technology to print good quality color labels to help you save printing cost and decrease your dependability on vendors to get your label printers printed.

With a print resolution of 4800 dpi, the width of printed labels can be varied between 0.75 inches and 4 inches and the maximum label length is up to 24 inches. It comes with a 3 ink cartridge having cyan, magenta and yellow colors.

  • The printer works well for big jobs.
  • The ink saturation levels can be controlled in the print preferences.
  • The one year warranty from Primera and helpful customer support service are added benefits of buying this product.
  • The rollers of the printer are of not high quality.
Primera LX900 Epson Primera LX400
Resolution 4800 dpi 360 x 720 dpi 4800 dpi
Print Speed 4.5 inches per second 3.7 inches per second 4 inches per second
Maximum Print Width 8 inches 4.4 inches 4 Inches
Weight of the Printer 36.6 pounds 26.6 Pounds 15 Pounds
Interface USB USB USB

4. ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Color Label Printer

ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Color Label Printer

The Wi-Fi enabled Zink printer is a handheld device that is operated through a Zink application pre-installed on the printer. It is a portable printer with the option to power it with batteries or an AC adapter.

It can also be operated through IOS and Android smart devices and is fully compatible with Apple AirPrint and Google CloudPrint.

With a built-in 3.5-inch touchscreen, you do not need to connect it to your PC or any other device to enjoy decent print labels and photos. The Zink zRoll (ink-free paper) contains the color forming crystals are heated and the desired print comes on the paper.

The software allows the user to create designs with the help of preloaded applications which contain thousands of design elements like frames, fonts, art, and backgrounds.

  • It accepts SD card to import photos and designs.
  • Ink-less technology guarantees good quality prints.

Apart from printing color labels, this printer can also help you with printing photos, greeting cards, custom designed invitation cards, photo projects and a variety of projects where you need color label printing.

  • The papers used for printing is very expensive.
  • When used extensively the unit heats up and starts to function improperly.
  • The customer support from Zink is not up to the mark.

5. Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer

Primera LX2000 Color Label Printer

The Primera LX2000 is operated through USB and a standard Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems. The pigment-based ink prints water and UV resistant labels. The wireless and Ethernet connectivity increases the functionality of this printer.

The large separate ink cartridges for cyan, magenta, yellow, and black keep print cost in check and prints up to 5000 labels in a day with 4800 dpi resolution.

The built-in cutter will automatically cut the printed labels. The maximum print width of 8.25 inches allows you to print not only color labels but photographs, graphics, illustrations, texts and two-dimensional barcodes. You can print labels at a speed of 6 inches per second.

  • It comes with a built-in cutter.
  • It has a replaceable head.
  • The after purchase services of Primera is very helpful.
  • Users report that printer settings sometimes get reset automatically and resetting takes up a lot of time.
  • Despite the claim that the print cost remains low, print cost is high as compared to other printers.
  • The USB cable and power cable are not durable.

6. Brady BBP37 Color Label Printer

Brady BBP37 Color Label Printer

The Brady color label printer is a stand-alone and computer connectable printer and lets you print colored labels for pipe markers, tags, and general industrial labels.

With a full QWERTY keyboard and an LCD screen to monitor the designs and printing process. This printer enables you to print labels as per your demand.

With a resolution of 300 dpi and label width of 0.5 inches to 4 inches, it works with a variety of materials. The built-in cutter allows the creation of die-cut shapes and the manufacturers claim that all you need is a few seconds to change the material to be printed.

  • It can print labels that glow in dark.
  • The full QWERTY keyboard makes the stand-alone working optional more functional.
  • The support staff is not user-friendly.
  • Despite the manufacturer’s claim of high-quality printing, the quality of printing is below par to other printers.
  • You cannot print labels wider than 4 inch.

7. ZINK Wireless Wi-Fi Color Label Printer

ZINK Wireless Wi-Fi Color Label Printer

This printer can be operated through your smartphone and IOS devices. The Wi-Fi enabled printer can be connected to your home Wi-Fi network and has a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot.

The application needed to run the printer is an easy to use interface and come pre-installed on the printer. This printer also prints photographs, graphics, and illustrations as well.

The ink-free technology uses the crystals embedded on the zRoll and you need to insert the Zink paper before you start to print. The roll come in different variations of sizes from3/8 inches to 2.

  • It is a good option for personal use.
  • The adhesive tapes are not sticky.
  • The customer service is not very responsible.
  • The interface is very difficult to operate.

8. Primera LX1000 Color Label Printer

Primera LX1000 Color Label Printer

Operated through a computer and powered by AC voltage, the LX1000 is a 4 pigment-based color label printer that uses an individual cartridge system to give you colored labels and also allows you to print graphics, pictures, and illustrations.

With a maximum resolution of 4800 dpi and a maximum print width of 8.25 inches, and maximum print speed of 24 inches per minute, this printer can print up to 3000 prints in a day on synthetic materials which are water and scratch-resistant.

  • The only benefit is that it uses a high-quality ink from HP.
  • The cost per label is not affordable.
  • It is very difficult to tune this printer with your computer.
  • After some prints, the labels lose the alignment.

9. Brady BBP33 Color Label Printer

Brady BBP33 Color Label Printer

The small and handy label printer from Brady is an only PC-connect printer and prints labels which can be used as warning signs, wire labels, lockout tags and labels, and product identification labels.

It can print labels with a maximum width of 4 inches and a resolution of 300 dpi using Brady paper rolls and is operated in the computer with the help of Brady Software. The auto cutter can cut the labels as per the directions were given to the printer.

  • It comes with a good quality power cable,USB cable and a cutter cleaning tool.
  • It cannot print comprehensively and is good for only small jobs.
  • The users have to purchase the software separately.
  • The customer service for this product is poor.

10. Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

Primera LX500 Color Label Printer

Having a different design and appearance, this printer uses a 3 ink-one cartridge system and is operated with the help of a computer through USB. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac operating systems.

LX500 can print labels up to the width of 4 inches and 24 inches long. It has a resolution of 4800 dpi and comes with preloaded designs in the software. This printer can be sued for small and medium jobs for printing different color labels.

  • It comes with free software and the instructions are easy to understand.
  • The cartridges are very costly.
  • The design is not fully printed on the label; it skips out some detail or drops in a margin line.
  • Overall, users report that this printer is not durable.

Selecting the Best Color Label Printer

Before selecting a color label printer, it is important to consider the following qualities in a color label printer, so that you can select the best printer as per your requirements.

  • Output options – a good printer will enable you to do more through mobile apps and will support an extensive range of printing applications and has special print modes that allow barcode printing and QR codes printing.
  • Connectivity options – a printer having options of Bluetooth, wireless and USB connectivity always add worth to your printer.
  • User-friendly interface – user-friendly interface always make the printer handier and easy to use. Built-in display with backlight, buttons to control and keyboard are additional features that make your device more functional.
  • Power options – if you intend to use your printer on the go then the printer being powered by portable batteries is the best option for you, but if you are a desk user then select the one with AC power option.
  • Printing Strength – select the printer that can print according to your demands.

Color label printers can save you from the hassle of getting labels printed from elsewhere and thus cut the overall business costs. They help you in various departments at home and also help your children in school projects and labeling their notebooks. All in all a color label product is a must own product for commercial and personal use. Get one from our list and make your life easy.