Garmin Drive 50LMT Review


Garmin Drive 50LMT is Garmin’s one of the entry level satellite navigation systems for drivers and the device mainly focuses on driver awareness by syncing with your Android or IOS smartphone.

Some of the features;

  • Drive 50LMT has a built-in dashcam
  • Offers free life-time map updates
  • Has speed warning
  • Sensitive touch screen
  • Voice control
  • Hands-free phone control and operation
  • Syncs with your smartphone
  • Lane departure warning


[section label=”Difference between smartphone and GPS device” anchor=”Difference between smartphone and GPS device”]

What’s the difference between phone GPS and Garmin GPS?

I’m sure you’re thinking, “Wait a minute, Haven’t I got a great GPS in my phone and isn’t it free?” Well, sure every smartphone have some kind of GPS map and that works fine most of the time. But if you have a crash just before you got to a critical junction or you lost your phone’s data connection, or your phone go flats before you reach your destination, you’ll know that smartphone GPS map solutions are good but very flawed. Whereas the Garmin Drive 50LMT specializes in getting you where you need to go and the Garmin doesn’t rely on data and internet connection or your smartphone’s imperfect and small battery.

As you might already know, Garmin specializes in GPS navigation systems for drivers, bikers, tennis and baseball players and GPS watches for golfers. They even produce GPS systems for helicopters and planes. So, I assure you that, they know how to make great GPS devices for any needs.


[section label=”Drive 50 LMT Exterior Design” anchor=”Drive 50 LMT Exterior Design”]

Garmin Drive 50LMT Exterior Design Review

That’s enough of introduction. Let’s take a quick look at the unit.

Garmin Drive 50LMT Review front

There’s a bright looking and fantastic looking six inch touch screen display on the front and on the top, we’ve got the button to tell the dash camera to save a particular segment of the video.


Remember, the dash cam is constantly recording the road on the loop while you drive, so from time to time, you have to press that button at the top and save the video. Otherwise, it’ll be deleted to open memory for new records.


On the bottom of the device, there’s the power button and MicroSD card slot where your dash camera videos are stored and a USB connector for map and software updates.


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How to Enter Destination on Garmin Drive 50LMT

In order to get started with Garmin 50LMT,  open the menu and click on the “Where to” button on the top left of the screen.

The device comes pre-loaded with gas stations, restaurants and Foursquare listings, if you’d like to go one of these places, you can simply click on them. Otherwise, click on “Address” button and type your address or ZIP and click on GO! The GPS device will acquire the information from its satellite and calculate and find the shortest road for you.

You can also save your favorite places to access easly like home, school or office.



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If you’re not a tech savvy and just need a GPS device that takes you where you want to go, the Garmin Drive 50LMT is your best choice.


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