Garmin Truswing Golf Club Sensor Review: Where tech and golf meets!

Playing with a fancy tracking tool and GPS watch becoming popular among the golf players because these innovative tech gadgets allow golfers to track data and improve their game, no matter what your skill level is.

I mean, come on! Who can say no to a smart device that attaches to your club and gives you tons of data including;

  • Detailed swing metrics in 3D animation
  • Club speed
  • Distances and angles

After the disruptive introduction of Zepp Golf 2, Garmin immediately started working on an instant swing analyzer, which named TruSwing!

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Improve Your Game w/ Accurate Data

TruSwing automatically saves your game scores, analysis and data. But, its true power comes from its synchronization ability. Just sign up at Garmin Connect online golf community and then compare your last data with the previous one. In this way, you can clearly see what did you wrong and how can you improve your game by looking at the easy to understand data.

TruSwing also syncs with your Android and IOS smartphones, so sharing your golf rounds and scores with your golf buddies becomes much easier.


[section label=”TruSwing: Ball Flight” anchor=”TruSwing: Ball Flight”]

TruSwing: Ball Flight


[blockquote cite=”Garmin”]Tip: The ideal face angle to target angle is 0 degrees unless you’re intentionally trying to do a draw or fade.[/blockquote]

One of the most useful metrics that TruSwing captures is face to target angle. Or angle of your club face and relation to your target path. The direction your clubface points at the start of the swing.

An open clubface indicates how far the clubface is angled away from you. A closed club face indicates how far the clubface is angled towards you.

Another very useful metric that Garmin TruSwing offers is the club path or your club’s horizontal motion from overhead. An In-Out angle indicates your club path moves away from you, while an Out-In angle indicates your club path moves toward you.

Understanding your combination of club path and clubface angle helps you improve the accuracy of your shot. For example, with an In-Out club path and square clubface, you will get a straight draw. With a square club path and clubface angle, you will get a straight shot.

With a closed face angle and In-Out club path, you get a hook. With a closed face angle and straight path, you get a draw.


[section label=”Analyzing parts of your swings” anchor=”Analyzing parts of your swings”]

Analyzing parts of your swings

pair garmin truswing with the mobile apps

TruSwing is one of the very few golf devices that allows you to analyze parts of your swings in 3D.

In order to get started with Garmin TruSwing, you have to pair the device with your Android or IOS smartphone by using Garmin’s free mobile application. Then all you have to do is to select your club and take your shot!


Now, you can see a 3D animation of your swing instantly.

truswing 3d animation of the part of the swing

Garmin TruSwing golf club sensor even syncs with your Garmin GPS golf watches like X40, S4, S5 and S6 to provide you in-depth and more accurate analysis.