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Best Soundbars of 2017

1. Sonos PLAYBAR

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept and never used a high fidelity wireless speaker device before, Sonos is one of the companies in the world that creates these wireless hubs that allow you to sync music and other content to a speaker. The Playbar is almost 3 feet in length and features a simple, elegant and beautiful design. The bar itself is created really nicely, the construction and the materials used on the device are top notch. It feels very solid and high quality. There are 9 speakers in the device and once you see it, you’ll realize that it’s not a cheap sound bar. It’s very easy to use, produces AMAZING sound that i personally loved, and has an [...]

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Yamaha SRT-1500 Soundbase Review

Bring your TV shows and movies to life with remarkable sound quality with the Yamaha SRT-1500 MusicCast TV Speaker Base!

Yamaha’s SRT-1500 is a relatively cheaper sound base compared to other brands like Sonos or Bose but it offers a similar and maybe better sound experience.

It’s based on the previous and cheaper model SRT 1000 and this one have 2 key features that the other one lacks; HDMI input and a great Yamaha Music Cast streaming mobile application.

Yamaha SRT-1500 has 10 speakers and dual built-in subwoofers in it that help you to experience true 5.1 channel surround sound with exceptional sound detail and clarity.

SRT 1500 excellent [...]

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Vizio SB 3821 C6 Sound Bar Review

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Vizio SB 3821 C6 sound bar, which comes with a wireless and separated subwoofer. Now let’s review the sound quality, how easy the system is to setup and some of the other features; The device itself has a strange and funny packaging shape due to the separated and speaker sized subwoofer. It is a 2.1 sound bar system, which means you will be getting both left and right channels, which is must have for stereo sound.

We know from our past experiences that it actually improves the sound quality coming from any flat screen television you use.


It’s a 38 inches sound bar and designed to pair with minimum 40 and [...]

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Sonos Starts Taking Orders for the long awaited Playbase Speaker

Wireless home audio systems usually come in two different forms, one soundbar stands in front of your TV and gets mounted on the wall or sits underneath your TV like the new Playbase.

After a very long period of waiting time, Sonos finally has started to take orders for the Playbase on it’s website and both white and black versions can be seen here

As you might already know, Sonos already had a soundbar named Playbar, which can be mounted on the wall or stand in front of your TV. After many years of engineering experience in the field, Sonos introduced its latest sound base speaker, Playbase.

Sonos is a leading brand in the wi-fi enabled, easy to setup and [...]

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