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Romoss Grand Touring GT1 Review

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Who Should Buy Romoss Grand Touring GT1?

Users who want to charge their smartphone more than once and expect to do it quickly with a 2.1A power output, can opt for the Romoss GT1.


The Romoss Grand Touring GT1 brings a different taste to mobile chargers!


With each new feature added to your smartphones, their batteries getting weaker and weaker. That’s exactly why this external battery industry became a multi-million dollar industry. The Romoss Grand Touring GT1 also joined the mobile chargers, one of the most common technological devices we have been eliminating.


We have already examined the Romoss mobile chargers. We had the chance to look at many members of the company’s Sailing named series. Sailing 4, with its 10400 mAh capacity and design lines, was the closest to the existing Romoss GT1. But the Romoss GT1, in design terms, is leaving in that mode.


Romoss’ Design


The Romoss GT1, which has a fairly stylish look, is highly eye-catching with its aluminum case. Available in two different color options, the device is covered in silver color with black finish. A separate Rose Gold color is also available.


The Romoss GT1 is a mobile charger with a weight of 225 grams, flat and long rectangular. With a thickness of 14 mm, the device is thinner than its predecessor model Sailing 4, carrying two USB ports, including quick charging. There is also a microUSB port to charge the GT1.



Let’s also say that you can find the cable that will be needed in the box. But there is no adapter. You can use your mobile phone or other wearable like Zepp‘s adapter to charge it. But at this point there is an important detail: If you charge the Romoss GT1 with a 2.1A power adapter, you can fill up the capacity to around 6.5 hours. But with slower charging adapters this time will be longer. That’s why it’s worth taking care of it.


The Romoss GT1 works well with a port that offers fast charging capability. The Romoss GT1 can reach up to 90 percent of the HTC 10 at 25 percent from this port in less than an hour, while the other free USB port can charge a different device at the same time.


With a total life-cycle of around 600 rechargeable lives, the battery of the Romoss GT1 has 7 security functions. This is important because, along with smartphones that have exploded in recent times, batteries can be alarming.


With high current, short circuit and temperature protection, the Romoss GT1 can be found on the shelves with a price tag of around (Check it on Amazon). But obviously it is possible to see models that have similar features at a cheaper price. One of them is of course the 10 thousand mAh-rated battery of Asus named ZenPower. At this point the choice is always yours again …