Sonos Play:3 Review; Expensive, Small and Loud

sonos Play 3 review

This is the second wireless speaker product in the Sonos product line after Play:1 with a price tag of $300. It costs and takes up less space than the next Sonos speaker Play:5

As you can already see in the pictures above, it’s a pretty elegant speaker that comes in 2 colors; White and black. The device itself can be laid down horizontally or place vertically in case you don’t have enough space. Whatever your decision may be, the built-in sensors inside the device detects its position and adjust itself to stereo or mono mode for the best music and movie experience. It’s also very helpful because any Sonos products including Play:1, Play:3, Play:5, Playbase and Playbar can be paired together and used in multiple rooms and locations in your home or office. Therefore by just changing its location, you can change its mode to Stereo or mono and let’s say use 2 Play:3 speaker as left and other 2 Play:5 as right.

Sonos Wireless Music Player

Pairing two or more Play:3 wireless speakers improve the experience and sound quality dramatically, but if you feel like paying 600 bucks to two wireless speakers is a bit a lot, you can also get Play:1 as a second speaker and pair Play:3 with that.
Sonos Play 3 Configuration

Setting up the Play:3 is pretty much straightforward and easy because there’re not many inputs. On the back of the device. there’s an ethernet connection to setup a wired connection to your home network,

There’s really nothing to talk about setting up *any* Sonos product, because it’s Sonos’ one of the biggest selling points that they have everything automated including setup and adjustment and you don’t have to do any other thing other than connection your devices together through wired or wireless home network and following the instructions provided by Sonos mobile/tablet/desktop apps or manuals.

It’ll just take like 5 minutes to pair them together, play the same song in multiple rooms simultaneously or play different songs in each room.

It’s probably a good idea to buy a Sonos Bridge to make sure everything works properly and your devices are connected all the time. It’s a must-have especially if you’re going to use it in multiple rooms and have a big home.

Sonos Bridge costs around 50 dollars. It’s relatively cheap compared to other Sonos products and makes your home audio system reliable and setup much easier. The device itself is sold seperately.

But, a bridge is not the only add-on that you can get with Sonos. They also have a iOs and Android app that allows you to control *every* Sonos product from your smartphone. But acting as a remote control device is not the only thing that Sonos app can do; Sonos phone and tablet apps make Sonos product line even more appealing because it allows you to stream your personal music library, iTunes music collection and Spotify playlist directly from the app to Sonos speakers. The app supports dozens of music server and platforms including iTunes, Rdio, Spotify, Plex, iHeartradio, Pandora, Napster, Amazon Music and much more.

Wrapping up

It might be slightly more expensive than its alternatives, but, it definitely plays out loud for its size, integrates greatly with other Sonos products and gives the best music experience among cheaper alternatives.

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