Sonos Playbar Review; Probably the best wireless soundbar of all time

[alert variation=”alert-success”]– UPDATE — New Sonos Playbase is coming out on the forth of April, you should probably look into the Sonos’ latest product Playbase which can be defined as the new generation Playbar with much better sound quality, design, and streaming experience. The good thing is, it lays underneath your television so you can both save some space and get a better-looking home theater design.

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The Sonos Playbar, probably Sonos’ most selling and multi-purpose wireless soundbar product is available on The Official Sonos Store – Best Price – Free Shipping

This is a normal Sonos wireless speaker device that has a twist. It can be hooked up with your television and you can use the opt-in on this device to direct your television’s audio to Sonos Playbar. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept and never used a high fidelity wireless speaker device before, Sonos is one of the companies in the world that creates these wireless hubs that allow you to sync music and other content to a speaker.

Over the past 16 years Sonos developed a great ecosystem of products that allow you to turn your living room into a beautiful looking home theater system.

The Playbar is an all in one home audio system that can be used on its own for music streaming or easily can be connected to your TV in order to increase sound quality dramatically. The can also be paired with other products in the Sonos lineup to create a surround sound system or a whole house music system.

Also, you can pair speakers like the Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 together for stereo listening experience and they support thousands of different services from Audible to Spotify through its Android and iPhone smartphone applications.

Sonos Wireless Music Player


This speaker system can be used also in three different ways, one in the standing mode and low mode, you can also mount it on the wall if you don’t have enough space in front of the TV.


Playbar has 2 separate IR receivers on different fronts to avoid connectivity loss when you put something in front of the device or locate in the low, lying position in front of your TV.

Playbar basically can be used in 2 different ways. Either in a wireless mode, with a 50 dollar add-on wireless bridge, or if you have an internal network in your home, you can also sync the Playbar with your existing internet network.

On the application and software side, the Sonos software is pretty good on both mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktop devices regardless of the operation system used.

The Sonos app features an interactive user interface that provides easy access to all syndicated platforms and your very own audio and video content library. They’re constantly releasing updates to improve the app functionality and listening experience.

Controlling the Playbar couldn’t be simpler, after a 30 second and fully guided setup process, you’ll be able to use the Playbar using your existing TV remote. The device automatically recognizes that whether you’re watching tv or listening to music and seamlessly switches back and forth for you automatically.

Inside the Playbar there are nine speakers, 6 of them are mid-range and 3 are high-frequency tweeters. Each has its unique and very own amplifiers with full DSP for digital signal processing control. These nine speakers are located at the left and right sides of the device to provide the best TV and music experience.


The Playbar is almost 3 feet in length and features a simple, elegant and beautiful design. The bar itself created really nicely, the construction and the materials used on the device are top notches. It feels very solid and high quality.

There are 9 speakers in the device and once you see, you’ll realize that it’s not a cheap sound bar. On the back of the Playbar, there are four connectors, one for optical audio, one for the power and 2 for the ethernet ports.

The built-in gyroscope helps Playbar how it’s oriented and allows it to automatically adjust itself to provide the best possible sound in your living room.

It is a $699 Soundbar and there’s no subwoofer included in it, however, Playbase comes with a full-on subwoofer and that might be another reason for you to get Playbase instead of Playbar because many other sound bars in that high-end price range comes with a built-in subwoofer. With the Playbar, you should purchase it separately which costs you around an extra 700 dollars.

Sonos Playbar Setup & Installation;

As we mentioned above, Playbar just a few connections, the power, ethernet, and optical audio port. which makes setting up the Playbar extremely easy and stress-free.


Pros of the Playbar;

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  • Sending music and streaming other medias in a truly wireless way is definitely awesome and couldn’t be better/easier
  • Seamless installation on any device.
  • If you’re already a member of the Sonos family, Playbar integrates very well with other devices through the wifi network.


[lists style=”minus” color=”#81d742″]
  • There is only one optical input.
  • Some televisions may not have an optical output and sometimes your TV may output only stereo sound, which if that’s the case for you, you can not experience the 5.1 surround sound. However, these problems may occur only if you have an outdated TV.
  • Even though the overall application quality is great and navigating through the integrated apps is seamless, you may find the UI a bit complex. But, Sonos continuously updates its app on both iTunes and Google Play and each new update brings a better and more bug-free version.


PlayBar Q&A

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