Sonos Playbase Reviews & Rating

Sonos Playbase review and rating
Sonos Playbase review and rating


Sonos finally released its first speaker in a long time, named Sonos Playbase. You may already know the Sonos Playbar, that’s a soundbar for your living room. Playbase also goes into your living room. But unlike the Playbar, it’s a speaker that sits underneath your television.

Sonos has spent the last few years on test chambers and labs, trying to invent the ultimate wireless home audio system that can out-compete its top rivals like Bose, Samsung, Philips and Yamaha.

Unlike we expected before, it’s not a voice-controlled speaker or an alternative to Amazon’s Echo Dot. The new device is basically a giant speaker that you place underneath your HD tv. It provides an excellent audio quality whether you’re watching the TV, watching a movie or streaming music to other Sonos wireless speakers including Play:1, Play:3 or Play:5.

First of all, It has a price tag of 700 dollars many people may have a hard time spending that much money on a device that goes below your HD TV.

But considering the never-seen sound quality and content experience, it worth every single penny.

The Playbase does many things you expect the Playbar do. It can connect to the internet via wifi and allow you to stream music from most popular music platforms including Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc. It also plugs into your TV with an optical audio cable, which basically means, any sound from TV first goes to the Playbase and then goes to you in a very high-quality way.

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Sonos’ engineers and designers are obsessed about every detail of it. We’ve already seen and reviewed many stylish speakers and home theater systems before made by other companies. But Sonos wins the attention to detail award amongst other brands. For example, the case has 43.000 individually drilled holes on the sides which make the device look appealing, it also helps the S port inside receive even more cold air and distribute it to other heating parts.


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Sonos new soundbase has only 3 plugs on the rear side which are, optical audio, ethernet, and power. Inside the Playbase, there are 10 amplified speakers, six midranges, three tweeters, and one woofer. All are designed by Sonos engineers unique for the Playbase.


You can buy a Sonos Subwoofer for a dramatically increased bass and zero cabinet buzz or rattle or add a pair of Sonos Play:1 wireless speaker for a surround sound setup.

If you add a Sonos Subwoofer to your home sound system you can outperform any other alternatives out there and achieve much better sound and listening experience – says Sonos’ sound experience leader Giles Martin.


Sonos spent years on making sure that sound quality is great regardless of the music type you listen to or movie you watch. Sonos provides that by building a device that’s flexible as much as possible. Their unique technology combines wide sound and center channel together which in the end, allows users to stream music and build a home theater system by using a single, all-in-one device.

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Should I upgrade my Sonos Playbar to Playbase?

The short answer is no.

If you already have the Sonos Playbar you definitely should not get rid of it and buy a Playbase. Because the Playbar you have in your home already does a great job providing the best music experience possible. But if you don’t have Playbar and want to get Widescreen sound and music streaming device for TVs, you can pick up the Playbase because it simply looks better than Playbar.


Playbase vs Playbar; What’s the difference?

They both are all in one speakers and have the same purpose, which is to provide your TV with widescreen sound and music streaming features.

From the design point of view, Playbar has to be attached to the wall with a mount while the Playbase sits underneath your television. They’re both designed for different tastes and would look great in your living room.

On the technical side, the new Playbase unfortunately misses some important technical features that audiophiles loves like DTS decoding for the best quality surround sound possible and the Playbase also doesn’t support the HDMI arc, so you can’t control all other home theater devices from one remote control.

But ultimately, all these lacking features are not what Sonos cares about. Sonos wants the new Playbase to be your all in one, “do-everything” speaker. For those people who don’t care about the price and want something looks pretty good and sounds quite beautiful, both models can be right for your needs.


Sonos Playbase setup

You have to complete two different, but simple processes in order to get most out of the Playbase and have the best music and movie experience ever.

In the first task, you walk around the room and wave your smartphone. This makes sure that wherever you go in the home with your phone in your pocket, non-stop and uninterrupted music continuous. Since you’re not going to be sitting in one place all the time listening to the music, this setup task should definitely be completed.

The second setup task optimizes your device and smartphone for the movie and TV time, The device kindly asks you to sit down in your favorite place, where you’d likely to be watching TV and automatically optimizes the device for the best home theater experience.
The assumption is, most people don’t wonder around while watching a movie and device optimizes audio for a center seating area.


Listening to podcast on Sonos Playbase

There’ll be times you might want to stream something other than music and movies, for example, podcasts. Sonos’ new digital signal processing technology knows that it’s a podcast, it hears the incoming source and understands that it’s not a music, movie or a TV show. Since it’s a spoken word, Playbase adjusts itself automatically for the best podcast experience. The Same technology also applies to other content styles, when Sonos Playbase realizes that it’s a music or movie, it optimizes the quality accordingly.


Design and Technical Details

Unlike the previous model Sonos Playbar, the new Playbase has 2 subwoofers inside. Getting 2 subwoofers fit in the small case was actually one of the biggest challenges Sonos faced. These huge subwoofers inside are actually reason Sonos put a big S-shaped airing system. The amount of air they need, and the frequencies they were looking for required Sonos to put a port that’s bigger than the actual product itself. Obviously, the only way to achieve such a big task is to bend the airing system into an S shape and transfer the cold air inside the device equally.

Other than the hardware, there are nice touch control buttons that you can use for going back, forward and changing the volume.

It’s just a great, modern and a loudspeaker and will definitely be a nice alternative for Sonos Playbar.


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