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TP-Link AP300 Review; A New Wireless Router from TP-Link (AC1200)

TP-Link AP300 review; for gamers and 4K videos
TP-Link AP300 review; for gamers and 4K videos

In this review, we look closely at the AP300 from TP-Link’s network solutions


We have already recently reviewed the TP-Link AP500 from TP-Link’s new wireless router series. The AP500 was the highest quality modem of the series with lots of high-end features and we can define the AP300 as a sub-model of it .


In this series, TP-Link offers 3 different types of products. Transfer speeds of these three models differ from each other and all have double band support.


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The AP500 is the top model, while the AP200 is the base model. Among them, the product called AP300 is the mid model that we’re reviewing.

The TP-Link AP300 is similar in design to the AP500 that we have already reviewed, but technically it is getting different. Despite the same case structure, the AP300, which comes with 2 antennas this time, looks quite stylish with a bright piano black color. Antennas can be replaced with an Ethernet port on the back of this model. Here again, the device that holds the WPS and LED buttons, power and reset buttons are also included here.


[section label=”TP-Link AP300 Dual Band Support” anchor=”TP-Link AP300 Dual Band Support”]

TP-Link AP300 Dual Band Support


The TP-Link AP300 works at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. Reaching a total of 1200 Mbps wireless speed, the AP300 also has great support for the popular 4K media content.

Again, the AP300, which will be appreciated by gamers who are engaged in online gaming and publishing, will of course also be preferred by many businesses which require high internet speeds.

Thanks to its beamforming technology,  the AP300 successfully removes dead zones in its coverage area. It should also be noted that the AP300 supports data access speeds of up to 300 Mbps in the 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps in the 5 GHz band.


The AP300 can be used in 4 different modes. One of them is the classic access point, and the other is the repeater mode. The AP300, which can be used to expand the network coverage on this side, also has a client and Multi-SSD mode.

Installing and using the device is quite easy as we’ve seen in our other TP-Link wireless router reviews, and it also gives all installation information in its manuals that comes within the box.

The BroadComm technology plays a huge role in the high performance of the AP300. Even if you connect multiple computers, smartphones and other smart devices which requires internet connection, the router does not lose its efficiency and continuous to provide you with very high speed internet.




The TP-Link AP300 is a good model for performance. However, of course, it is much more recommend to use the AP500 model to achieve higher speeds.

The AP300, which can also be used to expand the network coverage area, is now available in the United States.