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TP-Link RE305 Review | Kill all the dead wifi spots!


 There are a lot of modems in the market that resemble the TP-Link RE305. As with the TP-Link family, we see similar models in other brands. But the RE305 in our hand does the job well.

The price of the product is around X dollar. It is a little more expensive than the models offering similar features and speeds. This is probably because the device has just been released and it will get cheaper over time. That’s why if you are looking for one of the newest models, you can choose this device or take a look at the other similar models.

Who should buy?

Users who have problems with Wi-Fi coverage at home or in the office can easily choose TP-Link RE305.

It [...]
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New Zyxel Armor Z2 Review | It’s Gonna Blow Gamers’ Minds Away

Zyxel, one of the world leaders in networking and wireless router technology, has a new surprise for game enthusiasts who spend hours playing games like League of Legends (LOL) or Overwatch. With Armor Z1, Zyxel moves the stones and Armor Z2 prepares to push the boundaries. Dual-band wireless gigabit router with multi-processing support, The Armor Z2 will make it easier for multiple devices to access the internet at high speed in homes.

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TP-Link AP300 Review; A New Wireless Router from TP-Link (AC1200)

In this review, we look closely at the AP300 from TP-Link’s network solutions


We have already recently reviewed the TP-Link AP500 from TP-Link’s new wireless router series. The AP500 was the highest quality modem of the series with lots of high-end features and we can define the AP300 as a sub-model of it.

In this series, TP-Link offers 3 different types of products. Transfer speeds of these three models differ from each other and all have double band support.

The AP500 is the top model, while the AP200 is the base model. Among them, the product called AP300 is the mid model that we’re reviewing.

The TP-Link AP300 is similar in [...]

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