Yamaha SRT-1500 Soundbase Review

Bring your TV shows and movies to life with remarkable sound quality with the Yamaha SRT-1500 MusicCast TV Speaker Base!

Yamaha’s SRT-1500 is a relatively cheaper sound base compared to other brands like Sonos or Bose but it offers a similar and maybe better sound experience.

It’s based on the previous and cheaper model SRT 1000 and this one have 2 key features that the other one lacks; HDMI input and a great Yamaha Music Cast streaming mobile application.

Yamaha SRT-1500 has 10 speakers and dual built-in subwoofers in it that help you to experience true 5.1 channel surround sound with exceptional sound detail and clarity.

SRT 1500 excellent surround sound thanks to the beam speakers which reflect sounds off the side walls in your room.

It comes with 2 built in small subwoofers, but just in case these are not enough for your professional needs, you can add separate subwoofers of your own for an even bigger sound explosion.

As we’ve stated earlier it has an HDMI input unlike the previous model and even the new Sonos Playbase, which means it can decode both DTS and Dolby soundtracks and these features make the SRT-1500 a great match for a blu-ray player.
Yamaha SRT-1500’s real MDF Wood Enclosure produces a great sound quality and also provides a sturdy base for most 32″ to 55″ TVs, which means you can just place it under your TV just like the new Sonos PlayBase.


It’s slim design and classic hairline finish give it a very stylish and sophisticated look that fits perfectly with your TV and decor.
Thanks to its HDMI connectivity, you can experience the full HD video quality. The Yamaha SRT-1500 offers 4K ultra HD Pass- Through technology and it’s 100% compatible with HDCP 2.2.

The SRT 1500 also features music cast. Which is a new way to bring music to every room in your home or office in a truly wireless way.

You can connect all your speakers to your Yamaha SRT 1500 and broadcast the same or different music to different rooms over the existing wireless network that you use in your home. All these features are controlled by the Yamaha’s well-designed smartphone app.

Yamaha’s music cast offers access to huge range of audio content including biggest online streaming services, internet radio channels, digital music libraries like Pandora, Rhapsody, Spotify, SirisusXM. It can also be paired with other Bluetooth devices, so you can listen to your favorite album and songs without a need for internet connection. Even though its Music Cast app doesn’t offer many services like Sonos App or some other competitors, it still gets the job done and streams music to your other rooms and allows you to control everything from one device easily.

The Yamaha SRT-1500 is totally enough for your living room and you can use it on its own. But if you would like to stream music to other rooms in your place, you’ll need Bluetooth or Wi-fi compatible music cast speakers. Regardless of the brand, it can be connected with other speakers, soundbars, sound bases or even AV receivers in other rooms.

Music and streaming control are all done by the Yamaha’s mobile music cast application which is available both on iTunes App Store and Android Market.

With a classic, beautiful and space saving design, MusicCast multi-room wireless capability and versatile capability, the Yamaha SRT-1500 TV Speaker Base takes your home entertainment experience to a whole new level.


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