Z28 TV Box review – Android 7.1 4K HDR TV box

Z28 TV Box is pretty affordable, just like the alternative Beelink GT1 TV Box, and it also comes with 7.1 Android Operation System and plays 4K videos with 60 frames per second.


If you have been looking into cheap Android TV boxes recently, I’m sure you’ve seen Z28 around the web. Those gadgets connects to your TV’s HDMI port and turn your regular TV into a smart one that can stream music, videos, movies and even allow you to play modern games from your television.

Especially those LCD TVs that do not have an operating system, monitors and projectors with HDMI ports are providing a much more enjoyable experience thanks to TV Boxes. If those benefits listed above are just what you need, we recommend you to check out the Z28 TV Box.

In this review we will be showing the details of the Z28 TV Box; The Android 7.1 operating system stands out with its rich user experience, with a wealth of input-output options and bug-free software.



Z28 comes with a charging adapter, a remote control and an HDMI cable. There are no batteries in the controller for international cargo regulations. You need to purchase two AAA batteries if you want the remote control to be operational



It’s a quite compact and lightweight device, the Z28 TV Box is 11 cm wide, 11 cm long, 2.5 cm thick and weighs only 250 gr.

Despite its small size Z28 TV box has so many outputs and buttons on it. On the left side of the device, there’s a USB 3.0 slot, a USB 2.0 slot with OTG support and a microSD card reader. Also a HDMI 2.0 slot with Ethernet input, 4K 60 Hz support and HDR10 technology, SPDIF multichannel audio input and power connection are located on top of the device.

You can connect to the Z28 TV Box either with 2-channel or 5.1-channel SPDIF support. Other than this, thanks to HDMI 2.0 support, you can watch 4K videos up to 60 Hz.

From a design standpoint, you really appreciate to box and what the company has built. Despite its compact size, this device offers extremely rich possibilities.



The Z28 TV Box comes with the RK3328, one of Rockchip’s next-generation chipsets. The chipset features a 1.5GHz 4-core ARM Cortex-A53 processor, a Mali-450MP graphics processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB eMMC flash storage space, 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi chip and 10 / 100M Ethernet input.

If you are geek enough to interpret these technical details, you already understood that this little Android TV box could easily run any kind of game on your television.

The 1.5 GHz 4-core Cortex-A53 processor and the Mali-450MP graphics processor dual are combined with the advantage of 2 GB RAM to provide a fluid user experience. The device has a series of transitions in the simplified Android interface for TV, launching applications is extremely fast. The Z28 TV Box can be turned into a little game console with an OTG or Bluetooth-enabled gamepad and run very detailed games like Real Racing 3 easily.


The Rockchip RK3328 chipset supports the latest and highest level video codecs on the market. In this way, you can watch high-resolution videos fluently up to 4K 60 FPS using common codecs such as H.264 and H.265.

14.56GB of 16GB eMMC flash storage space is ready for use. You can use this field to download applications or to store your media files. If there is insufficient internal storage space close to 15 GB, you can install microSD card up to 64 GB. At this point, we strongly recommend using high performance microSD card models.


Software and Applications

The Z28 TV Box comes with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, which is the latest version of Android on the market right now. The device, which has a simplified interface for TV use, offers a very simple operating experience.

The overall experience of the device is not bad considering the reasonable price. But we must definitely mention that its remote control may bother you from time to time. If you want to use this device with full efficiency, you need to connect keyboard and mouse. If you are interested in playing games with the box, you should also purchase a Gamepad with OTG or Bluetooth support.


But, what exactly are the limits of this device?

We spent most of our time with YouTube and MX player while we were using the device. We also played Real Racing 3 with GamePad. The Z28 TV Box is especially well suited for watching YouTube videos. You can also do with this TV box everything you do with your phone. In other words, that box turns your TV into a big screened 7.1 Android OS smart device. But the only problem is that, YouTube videos can be played at a maximum resolution of 720p.

Although the Z28 TV Box can stream 4K 60 FPS videos, Youtube videos are limited with 720p for an unknown reason. If you are going to connect this device to a 4K TV or monitor, the YouTube resolution may be a bit muddy for your taste.

Apart from these, you can easily run applications such as Netflix, Puhu TV, BluTV in Z28 TV Box, you can watch live TV by downloading your favorite TV channels Android application.


Bottom Line

The Z28 TV Box is an affordable Android TV box with the latest software and powerful features. The device has no missing or flaws. However, this product, which is sold for around $40 in Gearbest, delivers more than its price.

If you want to connect HDMI supported display devices in your home or office to this great and cheap Android operating system, we highly recommend the Z28 TV Box. Click this link if you want to buy the device.

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