We probably heard hundreds of unofficial rumors about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 and know almost every detail of the device. But now, for the first time working model images and computer renders have been leaked. Following the Samsung Note 7 fiasco, Samsung has sent a company-wide email telling their employees to be much more secretive. But no matter how hard Samsung tries, there are always weak links in the chain.

We already knew from previous leaks that device was going to be thinner and almost frameless, but until now, there was no clear information about how it will look. In the leaked images, Galaxy S8 is very similar to previous concepts. The curved screen shows that the frame on the top and bottom of the device thinner than expected and there’re no any frame at the sides too. With the removal of the menu keys at the bottom and the physical home screen key, the Samsung logo finds space at the bottom while the top does not change much. It is impossible to say for sure that this is the actual design of the Samsung Galaxy S8, but we can say that we will see a design close to it if it is true.

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Here’s the Galaxy S8 for you!
Even though the picture below seems complete, we can not say it’s the final version. There’s still a long time until the official launch and Samsung will probably revise and correct many details. The bottom and top of the phone, where the physical home button does not appear.
samsung s8 leaked photos

When we look at the details of the back of the phone, we see a single camera. The curved screen and the high screen-to-body ratio makes the phone very stylish. The point is, the question is where the fingerprint reader will be.

samsung s8 leaked photos back side
samsung s8 leaked photos back side

Synaptics has recently announced optical fingerprint scanning system or the new biometric motor, and fingerprint scanning system may be integrated into the screen. Until now, we have not come across an image or render that verifies that claim. This time the situation looks more serious. Let’s see how Samsung will respond to this leak in the following days.