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Marvel’s Spider-Man Is Becoming One Of The Most Popular Games Of 2018

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Insomniac Games in cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment brought back our childhood earlier this month. They released the 2018 version of the popular game ‘Spider-Man’.

I’ve been playing the game myself on my Playstation 4 from the first day it came out, and I can say that I’ve never felt that good playing a game on my PS4 because generally, I am not a big fan of consoles, however, this game was different.

On its first week, it managed to sell over 130,000 copies which makes it stay up there with the most popular games in its category for this year.

The game itself is an action-adventure game which takes place in the New York City.

Now, I have to say a few words about that. The buildings, the streets, the boats, the sea and everything else looks very realistic. I’ve personally not seen any game even come close to doing what Insomniac Games did. This was one of the main reasons I was so impressed by the game.

The virtual world isn’t the only thing that makes this game stand out from the others. There are a lot of other things which contribute to making this game one of the best selling PS4 games for this year.

The game mechanics are similar to the previous Spider-Man games that were available on older consoles. The only thing that stood out was the swinging from the buildings. It might sound funny but, I literally spend 30 minutes just swinging around because it made me feel a weird satisfaction.

Even though the game mechanics are similar to the older games, the story itself is completely different from what you’ve seen before and i would say that it’s worth playing.

The story itself is very interesting as well, but I will not talk about it too much so i don’t give out any spoilers before you get a chance to play it for yourself.

If you own a Playstation 4, I’d definitely recommend you grab a copy of the Marvel’s Spider-Man and play it during the weekend because you will not regret it!

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