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Ways & Advantages of Starting a Business in the US

Did you know you don’t need to be a U.S. citizen or hold US stay permit to start your business in the United States? Moreover, you don’t even have to be a US resident. Yes, starting a business in the US is quite simple and inexpensive. If you start your business in the right place, you can benefit from numerous pro-business legislations and laws; so, you can protect your money, privacy and your business.

Why United States?

It is quite obvious, yet let us explain it. The United States is the biggest market with a great diversity. It is a great land of opportunities for the ones who want to expand their businesses thanks to its 320 million culturally colorful population. [...]

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Uber wants you to walk to the corner to save you money and time

One of the many goals of Uber is making high-end transportation affordable for everyone and everywhere. In order to achieve such difficult goal, an Uber project POOL wants its riders to walk up to the corners for quick pick ups, so everybody saves money, time and energy.



As the gif above clearly explains itself, just a few minutes of very short walk the riders take, allows drivers to avoid getting stuck in busy avenues and therefore charge you less and serve even more Uber riders.


How POOL does work?

It’s actually nothing more than computer matching and routing algorithms that calculates best pickup, route and drop [...]

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Crytek hires a designer for the Istanbul studio

Are the troubles ending?

Crytek, founded in Germany by 3 brothers, is sure going through some hard times. In the past few months, they have shut down 5 of their studios as part of the company’s effort to “refocus on its core strengths” ¹ ² Suffered a humiliating closure and was kicked out of its offices by the building’s owner and paid some employees late month after month.

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Will Optimised Mobile Sites Beat Gaming Apps?

In recent years, apps appear to have overshadowed mobile sites to a significant degree. With a worldwide audience, which has grown ever more impatient for immediate satisfaction, it stands to reason that some users ignore the presence of mobile sites. But the near future may produce some surprising developments in the battle of site versus app.

Gaming pros need 2020 vision

The gaming sector is also set to vastly increase its rate of growth over the next three years. During an excellent 2016, mobile gaming accounted for nearly half of the $91 billion USD generated by the gaming sector itself. This creates a dilemma for companies, who must now decide exactly how much of their [...]

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