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Tesla shareholders back up Elon Musk

At the annual general meeting of Tesla, which took place in the US state of California in the early hours of today, the shareholders rejected the proposal that would have forced the company to split up its chairman and chief executive roles, both of which are currently held by Elon Musk.

Tesla shareholders gathered today in Mountain View, California to make an important decision. At Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting, it was expected that topic of discussion would be general production and cash issues, but the proposal presented by a Tesla shareholder in April became the agenda of a meeting.

Tesla will not develop motorcycles

One of the shareholders told Elon that the jacket he wore reminded him motorcycles, and asked if there would be possibility of Tesla producing motorcycles in the future.

Elon Musk responded that he used to ride motorcycles with his brother when he was a teen, but also added that Tesla doesn’t have plans to develop electric motorcycles. Musk, who survived a traffic accident while driving a motorcycle years ago, says Tesla will not enter this market for safety reasons.