Top 2 Activity Tracker Smart Watches of 2017

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Activity trackers and activity band have been improving lately to not only be appealing to fitness enthusiasts but making a product that general public would enjoy using.

There’re too many companies dominating the fitness watch and wearables industry, but only 2 of them are dominating the market both in terms of experience and features.


2. Fitbit Blaze

With the retail price tag of 200 dollars, this is one of the best activity trackers you can get at the very moment. It has a good battery life and lasts more than 6 days. The touch screen of the Blaze is detachable from the bezel ring. So you can attach it to different color and model wristbands and change the malfunctioning parts if you need.

Besides being super fit and comfortable, there are so many color choices available and you can fit the best color and match it fit your outfit and look. The FitBit Blaze isn’t made for swimmers, even though it’s water resistant up to some point and you can wash your hands and take shower with it, but detachable wristbands is a downside for hardcore swimmers and it might be a deal breaker for you.

The biggest benefit and most loved feature of Blaze is the display screen. It pairs with your smartphone and notifies you with new notifications, including text messages.
You can control your music through your Blaze, and get Blaze wake you up in the morning with its alarm feature.

On the health and fitness side, like any other great activity tracker out there, it obviously tracks how many steps you have taken and how many calories you’ve burned. But the great thing about Blaze is this can also show you how many floors you have climbed and of course heart rate monitoring is here as well.


1. Samsung Gear S3

First thing we need to mention before reviewing the Gear S3 is that’s actually not a replacement for Gear S2. Instead, it’s going to be standing right alongside the S2. There’re 2 versions of S3, the classic edition, and frontier edition, both have slightly different looks and feels. With the rigid, rotating, clicking and silver looking bezel, it’s very easy to control the device and navigate through the user interface. Also, its textile wristband makes you feel great and forget that you’re wearing a big and heavy smartwatch.

To differentiate between the 2 versions of the Gear S3; The Gear S3 classic has basically the look of a typical old fashion watch, on the other hand, the Gear Frontier made for fitness lovers and designed in more sports style. As also Brian from Boot Bomb says, Gear S3’s GPS tracking, built-in compass feature and access to thousands of apps in the Android App Store make the Gear S3 Frontier a great smartwatch for outdoor enthusiasts and military professionals. You might be thinking how come a smart watch would be a good fit for outdoor and military, well, Samsung claims one full charge lasts up to 4 days and it’s definitely true. With the Always On feature and half screen brightness, we could be able to use up to 4 days without charging. In that case, its battery obviously lasts 2 days more than the Apple Watch 2. Also from now on, Both Gear S3 models and S2 can be paired with any other smartphone including iPhone.