TP-Link TL wn822n / N300 Wifi Extender Review

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Just moved in to a bigger office or home? You can be assured that your good old regular modem won’t cover the whole house, even if it does, your connection speed will greatly be reduced which makes activities like watching videos on internet, downloading stuff and playing online games a huge pain.

But luckily, TP-Link has a solution for those who own a TP-Link modem with a big place

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Meet the Tp-Link N300, AKA TL-WN822N

TP-LINK announced the high-gain USB adapter TL-WN822N 3-4 years ago for users who want to watch streaming video, play online games and download files at high speed from anywhere in the home or office.

With its elegant design, dual external antennas, 300 Mbps connection speed and wide coverage, the TL-WN822N easily connects to other network devices with a one-touch ‘Quick Secure Setup’ (QSS) feature. The adapter comes with a 1.5 meter USB extension cable that provides flexibility in use and positioning.

With IEEE 802.11n support and MIMO technology, you can easily set up a wireless network at 300 Mbps and the device can operate 15 times faster and 5 times longer than conventional IEEE 802.11g products. With these features, the TL-WN822N offers the advantage of being able to run multiple internet-consuming apps and software at the same time.


In compliance with the 802.11n standard, the TL-WN822N can operate up to 15 times faster and 5 times longer than traditional IEEE 11g products. Thanks to the speed of 300Mbps, it allows all applications from HD media to games, file sharing to internet surfing. The product can be adjusted to different directions and working environments by rotating the dual antennas. In addition to that, the TL-WN822N provides quick and secure installation with the QSS button on it.


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