One of the many goals of Uber is making high-end transportation affordable for everyone and everywhere. In order to achieve such difficult goal, an Uber project POOL wants its riders to walk up to the corners for quick pick ups, so everybody saves money, time and energy.



As the gif above clearly explains itself, just a few minutes of very short walk the riders take, allows drivers to avoid getting stuck in busy avenues and therefore charge you less and serve even more Uber riders.


How POOL does work?

It’s actually nothing more than computer matching and routing algorithms that calculates best pickup, route and drop off locations.


Data collected from Uber drivers show that picking up Uber riders just before the light can be painful for drivers, especially upcoming turns make things even more stressful. As a solution, Uber algorithm now calculates the right pickup corner for both rider and driver to avoid getting caught up in traffic lights and roundabouts. Which means, drivers can now pickup multiple riders without being have to change a single lane!


There is another thing POOL’s taking into account where there’s a bus stop and it’ll avoid picking, dropping riders there if it’s possible. As well as making stop-starts less, it also avoids zigzags and offers a smoother riding experience for everyone.