We Shouldn’t Be Scared of Artificial Intelligence According to Facebook

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Artificial intelligence, one of the most popular subjects of science fiction, not only takes place in the fiction world but also in the discussions of scientists.

There’re millions of people who see the advance of the artificial intelligence is the beginning of the end of humankind.

But there are also those who think there’s no need to worry at all. The social media giant Facebook seems to be believing that we should not be scared of the artificial intelligence.

The social network, Facebook has launched a campaign in Thursday that aims to educate people about how artificial intelligence works and plans to destroy those misunderstandings and urban myths.

Facebook publishes numerous short videos about the subject, that describes the technology behind artificial intelligence technologies such as identity detection, self-driving cars, translation and tries to convince us that robots will not take over the world someday.

As you can clearly see, we all are already surrounded by artificial intelligence; For example, in addition to the Facebook and Instagram, Google’s Sundar Pichai has made a statement that Google plans to focus more on artificial intelligence.

But some scientists like Stephen Hawking believes that we’re underestimating the danger of artificial intelligence  and the damage it could do to our existence.

On the other hand, Like Tesla and many other giants of Silicon Valley are looking for ways to use artificial intelligence more in their businesses.

For example Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk has recently invested in a non-profit Artificial Intelligence research company just for the benefit of the mankind.