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Zepp Golf 2 Review: Wearable Swing Analyzer

Golf player reviews his swings with zepp golf 2

Zepp Golf 2 is a wearable swing analyzer and personal golf trainer that keeps track of your performance during the play, analyses them and creates very personal training programs for you to review and improve your skills and performance.

The only thing you need is a smartphone or a tablet and then you can watch professional players via your Zepp app and learn from them.

With its unique technology and accurate measurements, Zepp Golf 2 is your personal trainer.

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Meet the Smart Coach

[section label=”Meet the Smart Coach” anchor=”Meet the Smart Coach”]

Zepp Lab’s Smart Coach is the biggest feature of the new Zepp Golf 2. In order to use this personal training feature, you must choose either 3 or 10 swings once you upload and open the application for the first time. After you’ve taken your preferred shots, artifical intelligence of the Zepp Golf 2 app identifies your weaknesses and strengths and then creates very personalized training programs from authoritative golf names like Rick Smith and Michelle Wie.

So, use Zepp Golf 2 to get instant and 3D feedback on every shot!

3D swing analysis system instantly shows you the most important metrics about your swing and allows you to review your performance. Having this data as a professional or a beginner golfer is priceless. Because you can play faster, track your performance and maintain your swing day to day.


Zepp Golf 2: Instant swing analysis and review

[section label=”Instant swing analysis and review” anchor=”Instant swing analysis and review”]

Zepp’s instant valuation is one of the fastest ways to get detailed analyses on your swing. Thanks to its wearable tracker and sensor, Zepp evaluates and breaks down your performance and then, creates personalized training programs to improve your swings, just for you.



Setting up the Zepp Golf 2

[section label=”Setting up the Zepp Golf 2″ anchor=”Setting up the Zepp Golf 2″]

It might be a very high tech product for an average golf player, yet, it’s one of the easiest to use swing analyzer.

Just attach the  7.7gr hardware onto your glove then install the mobile application to your Android or IOS phone and you’re good to go!

how to use zepp golf 2


How to analyze your swings with Zepp Golf 2?

[section label=”How to analyze your swings with Zepp Golf 2?” anchor=”How to analyze your swings with Zepp Golf 2?”]

Once your hand mount correctly calibrated, just select your club and swing. immediately each swing will show up in the swings screen. As you notice there, you can review your swing from a 360-degree view. 95% of the golfers come over the top of their swings. So the very first thing to review is your club and hand path and make sure that  these lines are matching. Actually, this is one of the best features of Zepp Golf 2 because you can review and work on your swing from shot to shot in real time.


Analyzing statistical data with Zepp;

[section label=”Analyzing statistical data with Zepp;” anchor=”Analyzing statistical data with Zepp;”]

Key swing analytics of Zepp, are crucial to review and improve your golfing skills.

Zepp golf 2 dashboard metrics

Once you click on dashboard icon, all your key metrics will appear.

The first number you will see at the top left is your overall swing score. This feature measures your five swing key metric and updates this score continuously.

Zepp Golf 2 review app dashboard


zepp golf 2 club head speed

This one measures your club’s head speed.



Club Plane and Hand Plane:

zepp golf 2 club plane and hand plane

Measures percentage that backswing path matches up with the downswing path.


zepp golf 2 tempo

It is measurement of the backswing speed vs the downswing speed to the hundredth of a second

PS: Optimal is 3:1



zepp golf 2 backswing length

It measures the length of your swing.


Hand Speed:

zepp golf 2 hand speed analysis

It’s another swing component that Zepp Golf 2 measures but it isn’t included in the overall swing score. As you can see, it measures the speed of your hand in the down swing.


Hip Rotation:

zepp golf 2 hip rotation

Hip rotation measures the rotation of your hips when your phone in your pockets.


Future of the Zepp

Zepp‘s hardware becomes smarter day by day.

zepp golf 2 review; hardware

Zepp’s sensor mouth easily can be integrated to any device or handle. Such as gloves or softball bats and it’ll be usable in any game with its open source plans in the near future.


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