We’re a bit closer to worldwide free internet

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Google has announced that they have solved one of the technical problems of implementing a project that would deliver free service to areas where the internet could not be reached.

AI will be the solution

The Project Loon team, working on the project’s Google X research department, announced that the machine learning method has made it possible to predict the airflow systems that determine the movement of the balloons. Thus, explaining that they can more easily identify the locations of the balloons, researchers have stated that they can focus on specific regions instead of surrounding all around the world with expensive balloons. ¹ ²


“It is now possible to provide 10, 20 or 30 balloons in certain areas, rather than using hundreds of balloons” said Astro Teller, Google X director, who emphasized that a few clusters of a few balloons would significantly reduce the cost of the project.

Directing balloons’ movements in the stratosphere, 18,000 kilometers above the ground is now possible thanks to the new artificial intelligence technology of the Project X team. If everything goes according to plan, the new breakthrough will help Google to predict air flows with high accuracy and keep balloons in a certain area for a period of time.
With its balloon project, Google is aiming to provide free internet access to four million people all around the world who do not have internet access, these people are especially located in areas that are difficult to access.

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