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Tinder Select is an invitation-only version for rich, beautiful and famous people

Online matchmaking application Tinder has a separate version dedicated to the rich, beautiful and famous people. Only the invitees can subscribe to the ‘Tinder Select’ version of the application.

The world’s most popular matchmaking practice Tinder has developed a version called ‘Tinder Select’, which is exclusive to the rich and famous. According to the report published by Tech Crunch, ‘Tinder Select’, which has been serving for 6 months, can only be registered with the invitation sent by existing members.

Allegedly, existing users who have access to ‘Tinder Select’ can send an invitation to their friends. However, [...]

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World’s first smart condom rates your sexual performance

A company from the United Kingdom called The British Condom announced the world’s first intelligent wearable condom, i-Con. There is a chip inside the condom and it’s non-disposable, also can be used as many times as you want.

The chip inside the condom connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and measures your body heat and gives you many performance reports including calories burned, average/max/min speed and total time you spent during the sexual intercourse.

Unlike conventional condoms, iCon can be used many times, not just one time and owes its intelligence to the nanochip inside. It’s actually not a condom, it’s a ring that sits at the [...]

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Self-driving cars will kill the auto insurance industry

The founder and manager of the DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey, claimed that self-driving cars will affect 128 different markets and “car insurance and financing industries will probably die.” Although Frey’s claim is exaggerated in the short-term, it is a fact that Frey’s day may come sooner than we expect. It has been known for decades that one of the main goals of driverless cars’ is to reduce ‘the human factor’ and accidents caused by human errors. The founder of the electric car giant Tesla, Elon Musk, shared the first remarkable figure a few months ago, explaining that the autopilot feature would cut traffic accidents by half. The US [...]

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Futuristic projector turns all surfaces into touch screen: Xperia Touch

The MWC’17 event continuous to bring new innovations and devices. Sony Future Lab’s futuristic projector announced last year, finally introduced to the market. The new and quite portable projector called Xperia Touch runs on Android iOS and turns every surface to a touch screen.

With multi-touch capability, Xperia Touch can project 23-inch images vertically and horizontally on any surface and can be used as a touchscreen. It actually offers much more than a projector, Xperia Touch can capture motion at 60 frames per second using infrared light technology. You can make Skype conversations with the device and take notes in video format. Since it’s built on [...]

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