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Alibaba acquires MoneyGram for $1.2 Billion

Ant Financial, a subsidiary of the e-commerce giant Alibaba, pays $1.2 billion to acquire the world’s leading money transfer service MoneyGram.

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DJI’s new Phantom 4 Advanced is available for pre-order

Chinese drone producer DJI stops the production of its popular Phantom 4 by the next month and launches a new model drone named Phantom 4 Advanced. While the drone industry was expecting DJI to continue on its way with the Phantom 5 model, the company surprised us all and implied that they did not give up on the Phantom 4 series yet. Instead of the Phantom 5, the Phantom 4 Advanced will take the place of the old Phantom 4. Although the original model has been replaced, the DJI Phantom 4 Advanced inherits almost all the features of the Pro. While having the same 1-inch 20MP resolution sensor as the old model, the new Drone can record 4K videos at 60 FPS. It can also follow you or fly [...]

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Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times safer than an average car

According to analysts from US leading investment bank Morgan Stanley, Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times safer than an average car thanks to active security hardware and software.

On the eve of serial production of the new Tesla Model 3, rumors and predictions about the bright future of the company keeps coming

In the past month, Goldman Sachs, one of the leading investment banks in the US, has stated that the company will not be able to sell its Model 3 on the dates previously mentioned and the company shares will drop around 30 percent, but another leading investment bank, Morgan Stanley states that the new Tesla Model 3 has a very bright future and it can completely [...]

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Tinder Select is an invitation-only version for rich, beautiful and famous people

Online matchmaking application Tinder has a separate version dedicated to the rich, beautiful and famous people. Only the invitees can subscribe to the ‘Tinder Select’ version of the application.

The world’s most popular matchmaking practice Tinder has developed a version called ‘Tinder Select’, which is exclusive to the rich and famous. According to the report published by Tech Crunch, ‘Tinder Select’, which has been serving for 6 months, can only be registered with the invitation sent by existing members.

Allegedly, existing users who have access to ‘Tinder Select’ can send an invitation to their friends. However, [...]

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