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18 Exciting New Games Coming Out This Week

top games of the week for honor

Last week’s top new game was Nio, it totally made gamers fall in love and received many positive feedback from the top players and game enthusiasts. But this week, we have 18 exciting new games coming out on different platforms including PS4, PC, Xbox One and Vita.
The top game of the week is undoubtedly For Honor. It had its very first public beta last week and finally released the game after positive feedbacks came from the gamers. Another highlight of the week is the Sniper Elite 4. Halo Wars 2 should also not be forgotten. You can take a look at the upcoming games of the week below.


  February 14 Tuesday

  •     For Honor (PS4)
  •     Sniper Elite 4 (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  •     Battle Islands: Commanders (PS4)
  •     Bridge Constructor (Vita, with cross-buy)
  •     Flywrench (PS4)
  •     Io (PS4, Vita, with cross-buy)
  •     Monster Loves You (PS4)
  •     MX Nitro (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  •     Ride 2 (PS4)
  •     Semispheres (PS4)
  •     Toy Odyssey: The Lost and Found (PS4)
  •     Vertical Drop Heroes HD (PS4, Vita, with cross-buy)

    February 15 Wednesday

  •     Sky Ride (PS4)

    February 16, Thursday

  • ACA NeoGeo Neo Turf Masters (PS4)
  • Starry Nights Helix (PS4)

    February 17, Friday

  • Halo Wars 2: Definitive and Ultimate Edition early access (PC, Xbox
  • All the Delicate Duplicates (PC)
  • How to Survive 2 (Xbox One)

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