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AI-Powered Bragi Dash Pro Wi-fi headphones offer real-time translation

Bragi, one of the very first companies that has developed completely wireless headset technology, becomes a big trouble for other headphone brands with its new wireless earbuds.
The Bragi Dash Pro headphone is quite appealing to music lovers with its elegant design, but it also professionally attractive with its AI powered, real-time translation feature.

With a 32-bit processor and 4 GB of storage, Bragi Dash Pro is powered by artificial intelligence and has an advanced active noise cancellation system with 27 sensors. The noise coming from the outside world can be half or completely blocked, interestingly, it’s a manual feature, which means you get to choose when you want to hear outside world.

The new Dash Pro also features a new app called iTranslate. ITranslate, a paid application that can be used only on iPhone or iPad at the moment, allows you to hear words translated into your language in real time.

If you already bought the Bragi Dash Pro headphone, you can use this translation service free of charge for 30 days. However, you will have to pay a certain fee to continue to use the app. Other than the features mentioned above, it’s a water resistant device and has the IPX7 certificate.

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