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Apple removes the “Finder for AirPods” from iTunes

The Apple AirPods, which are Apple’s new generation fully wireless earbuds are sold for an almost mid-priced Android phone. So if you lose your AirPods, you lose $159.00 from your hard earned money.

So, when the people started getting mad about the possibility of losing AirPods, Apple announced that lost or stolen AirPods can be replaced for $69. An iPhone developer saw the great opportunity here and released the Finder for AirPods application on the AppStore, which allows you to find the lost AirPods easily via your IOS devices. Sounds great, right?

Yes, it does, but right after the big interest on the app, Apple removed the Finder for AirPods from iTunes.

The app had a price of $ 3.99, and users were able to find their easy-to-lose AirPods in indoor, like a restaurant or your living room. There’s no any official statement about the situation and it is not yet known whether Apple has made the decision to make extra sales or there’s a different underlying reason.

So, do we have to just buy new ones?

There are actually easy to use open source IOS applications like PodTrace on GitHub that helps you to locate your missing AirPods. It’s very similar to “Find my AirPods” and in order to find your lost AirPods, just install the app, activate it and walk around the room. The applications at the moment, scan only very limited indoor spaces using the Bluetooth/Wireless technologies, meaning that it’s not possible to find stolen AirPods with its current hardware, of course in the near future things may change with a GPS enabled AirPods, but from Apple’s economic point of view, it doesn’t make sense to provide you with the technology that avoids making you pay more for nothing.

If you have your AirPods stolen, these kinds of apps just will not work. So the best thing you can do is to prevent them from being stolen with an interesting product like this sticker that is on sale at Etsy for 5 bucks. What this sticker does is basically disguises your AirPods charging case as a packet of dental floss and will pretty much guarantee you that no thief will be interested in stealing it out of your hands.