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Best Decentralized Exchange – Altcoin.IO

Us crypto guys/gals just wanna be able to trade our bitcoins for altcoins without having to worry about daily withdrawal limits, shitty support (I’m looking at you, Poloniex), KYC selfie document idenfitications, or getting our accounts banned without learning why (I’m looking at you, Bittrex).

Have you ever asked yourself what the best decentralized exchange for trading altcoin is? Up until now, you’re not alone. But wonder no longer, my fellow crypto fanatic. Because salvation has come in the form of, which is likely to deliver us from all the evils mentioned above. Mission

To bring the entire altcoin community together under a single roof. The altcoin market needs to be brought out of the shadows, so its image becomes transparent, trusted and honest. will be the very first decentralized exchange that is built by traders and for traders. With, everybody becomes empowered to trade altcoins with confidence! Support & Transparency

Currently, there are too many exchanges which are difficult to navigate, because they simply have bad user interfaces. Too many exchanges have shitty support, where even the most basic of requests will have you waiting for weeks, or sometimes even months. aims to bring a new approach to support in altcoin trading, which means they’ll always have your back, no matter what challenge you’re currently facing. User Experience & Security

Most exchanges are merely in the business to provide others a platform to trade, so they can make money off the fees you pay for every trade. Interface & security suck? Too bad. aims to change that. Centralized exchanges are vulnerable to hacks. Decentralized exchanges are not. Being a decentralized exchange, can’t possibly ever get Mt. Goxed. Long Term Vision

Not only does aim to become the best decentralized exchange. They also want to set a new standard for how ICOs are conducted. Investors want more confidence when investing into new altcoins that are coming to the market every week. will also play a role in how new blockchain companies market their ICO to their trader network. Investors must have the confidence that there is liquidity to trade the new altcoin. Advised By Expert Crypto Traders believes in the power of the amazing crypto community. It networks with some of the most amazing individuals, who are well known for being crypto trading experts.

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