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A Brand New Pokémon Game Is On The Way

With Pokémon Sun and Moon coming to Nintendo 3DS, we heard from many sources including Eurogamer that, a hybrid game, Pokémon Star came to the Nintendo Switch.

Apparently, Nintendo will re-establish an old tradition. First, two games will be released on the Nintendo console, then they will unite the two to a more advanced console. Pokémon Red and Blue followed by Pokémon Yellow.

The event that makes Pokemon Star special is that a new console will come. Star will also be the first basic line-up game to be played on TV. All of the Pokémon games that had come to TV before were all by-products of the series and they were made up of small-scale fighting games as role playing games.

Thanks to the portability of the Nintendo Switch, we will be able to play the Pokémon at home too!

According to Eurogamer’s report, this version of the game seems to be a short version of the Switch. But since the 3DS versions are still in production, the Swich version is said to have been suspended.