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Exclusive: Amazon finally incorporates in Turkey


After months of ongoing rumors about the global e-commerce giant Amazon’s Turkey expansion, looks like the claims have just turned out to be true.

According to the Turkish printed economy magazine Para, world’s largest shopping site Amazon has taken concrete steps and just formally entered the Turkey market. The new company is located in Besiktas, Istanbul, with the name of Amazon Turkey Services Yönetim ve Destek Hizmetleri Limited Şirketi, which translates to Amazon Turkey Services Management and Support Services Limited Company.

Amazon Turkey Services Management and Support Services Limited Company is headquartered in the center of Besiktas, Istanbul. The dominant partner of the company is Luxemburg-based Amazon Europe Core Sari. In other words, Amazon Turkey will be dependent on the Amazon Europe and be a part of EU team. Which is actually a no surprise considering their latest recruiting event held in Istanbul, to hire Top Software Engineers and Software Development Managers for the Madrid, Berlin and Luxembourg offices.

Currently, when you visit the, it redirects to the German version,, but Turkish people can still navigate the site in Turkish and place their orders.

The company’s agenda also includes new acquisitions in Turkey.


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