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Fasetto Link’s 2TB Wireless SSD is Smaller than a Charger

Fasetto Link 2TB wireless SSD
Fasetto Link 2TB wireless SSD

With the advance of SSD technologies, very tiny devices can offer much faster storage space than previous products.

Building things is getting cheaper and cheaper everyday thanks to the advanced 3D printers and reducing R&D and development costs. Now small manufacturers are able to develop their own devices and compete with the big SSD storage companies like Sandisk, Intel, Samsung and Toshiba. Fasetto is one of the new players in the game and has made a solid start with its latest product called Link that offers wireless transfer to the SSD which is smaller than an iPhone charger and can fit in your pocket easily.
The wireless external storage device, called the link of the Fasetto, stands out with its small enough size to fit in the palm of your hand. It is available in capacities ranging from 256 GB to 2 TB. You can connect to the WiFi area created by the device with the relevant application from your phone and easily transfer your files. Apart from these features, it is also distinguished by its impact resistance and IP68 waterproofing proof. Remember that the device is charging via USB-C.

Device isn’t available on e-commerce sites like Amazon or eBay yet, but it can be pre-ordered via Fasetto’s official site

The Link’s 256 GB version costs $ 349 , the 512 GB version costs $ 499 ($ 1780), and the 2 TB version costs $ 1149. The 2TB version is slightly thicker than the others. In addition, Fasetto sells magnetic attachable accessories such as an extra battery and LTE connectorç Products with an estimated delivery date of April are currently only available in the US.