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Play Tomb Raider on Your Browser

We all know of the adventures of Lara Croft, one of the oldest and most popular female heroes of the gaming world. Although the revamped game series is quite successful, we, game lovers still has different and deeper feelings for the old version. Especially the first games of the season were really quite successful by time.

A Tomb Raider fan nicknamed as XProger made his own browser based game and named it Open Lara.

Head over here to play the game on your browser and remember the good old days;


Game Controls:
Keyboad: move – WASD / arrows, jump – Space, action – E/Ctrl, draw weapon – Q, change weapon – 1-4, walk – Shift, Side steps – ZX/walk+direction, camera – MouseR)
gamepad: PSX controls for Xbox controller
Change view: V
Time Control: R – slow motion, T – fast motion
FullScreen: Alt + Enter