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Skype’s new tough rival; Amazon Chime

Amazon has launched the Chime, which aims to be a rival to video chat tools like Skype and Google Hangouts.

Chime, offered by Amazon Web Services, is a video conferencing service that targets enterprise customers. Working on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac, Chime allows you to quickly create  meetings, make VoIP and video calls over the Internet, and offer instant messaging and screen sharing. The basic version of Chime, called “Basic Edition,” allows two people to chat, search, or talk with video for free.

Plus Edition features Active Directory management, 1GB messaging space per user, and the ability to add email addresss  at $ 2.50 per month. Pro Edition offers video calling, unlimited VoIP calling and screen sharing features at $15 a month.

Thanks to its astablish a partnership with Level 3 Communications, Amazon has deployed the workload of its service on Level 3’s Tier 1 telecommunication solutions.

You can also try Amazon Chime here for 30 days without giving your credit card number, at the end of the period, don’t forget to upgrade your account to Basic or Pro edition.



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