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Sony’s new projector makes everything touchable

Concept Prototype T
Concept Prototype T

One of the most innovative projects that Sony introduced at the CES 2017, consumer electronics fair attracted a great deal of attention from visitors and tech enthusiasts, The projector, called “Concept Prototype T” has a very strong laser light source, can also monitor hand movements with the camera on it. You may ask yourself what’s the point of it. It is very important because you can recognize the shapes on the objects placed under this special camera and digitize them (digitalization) instantly on a surface you like a book or desk.

You can play various games with this object or you can move them to different places on the table, for example. This projector can be used to view images on any desk or flat objects. With Sony’s future developer kits to distribute, software developers are planning to create applications specific to this device.

The Concept Prototype T is currently not ready for production but is being developed and tested. But Sony believes that such an innovative product will work in very different places. During promotions made at the stand, for example, a DJ managed the pieces of music he played with special buttons placed under the projector. In another demonstration, for example, with the help of a number of projectors that marked certain characters in his book, he instantly scanned them and turned them into three-dimensional digital objects. Sony’s projector can find a wide range of uses in industrial design, education and entertainment.

The hardware is around 40 inch and connects to various smart devices using Wi-fi, LAN, Bluetooth and USB 2.0 technologies. The application also runs on environments like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.


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