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Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times safer than an average car

According to analysts from US leading investment bank Morgan Stanley, Tesla Model 3 will be 10 times safer than an average car thanks to active security hardware and software.

On the eve of serial production of the new Tesla Model 3, rumors and predictions about the bright future of the company keeps coming

In the past month, Goldman Sachs, one of the leading investment banks in the US, has stated that the company will not be able to sell its Model 3 on the dates previously mentioned and the company shares will drop around 30 percent, but another leading investment bank, Morgan Stanley states that the new Tesla Model 3 has a very bright future and it can completely change our way of thinking about car security.

According to Morgan Stanley’s Tesla analyst, Adam Jonas, the model 3, scheduled to start production in July, will be 10 times safer than an average car on the road. Underlining that the company’s already-used autopilot system has reduced accidents by 40%, Jonas from Morgan Stanley stated that they believe the company now has an established and quite successful autopilot system, including millions of miles of road data from previous customers.

Jones also said that the crash tests for the Model 3 were exciting and the ability to avoid accidents and automatic braking system in the vehicle reached the upper levels.