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Tesla Model S vs Model 3: Tesla reveals the differences

After announcing the Model 3 electric car last year, Tesla surprised everyone once again by receiving 370,000 pre-orders. Now, with a brochure published by Inside EVs, more details about the new vehicle have emerged.

The infographic, which appeared on the Tesla Model 3 Owners Club first, compares the existing Model S with Model 3 and allegedly, the same comparison chart will be used by Tesla salespeople all around the world to help customers decide between the two electric vehicles.

As can be seen in the image above, the time of reaching 100 kmph of Model 3 is 5.6 seconds and it will has the single 15 inch touchscreen in the center. It also has a total storage capacity of 400 liters in front and rear luggage.

Model S has already proven it self as a success story by increasing Tesla’s stock value and bringing even more customers to the Tesla family. But with a base price of $69,500, we can easily say that this car is quite expensive. Tesla also has a more expensive model XSUV. The base price of Model 3 is expected to be $35,000, which makes the vehicle much more affordable.

Interestingly, this list shows that the Model 3 will not have aluminum body, which makes the production of the car quite different from that of aluminum chassis models Model S and Model X.