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This drone carries human

fly aerospace
fly aerospace human carrying drone

Jetpacks in games and movies have always been interesting to us. The drone technologies company Flyt Aerospace inspired by this and made the very first drone that can also carry a person in it.

We have witnessed that the drones, which started to take place very quickly in our lives, have been used for purposes such as mail delivery, cargo delivery and movie making. Nowadays, the Flyt Aerospace company wants to use only the drones that carry only small boxes for a totally different purpose: human transportation.

As you may appreciate, carrying human requires much more power, safety, stability, durability and battery power than a DJI phantom style drone, but it seems like Flyt already solved such problems by adding exactly 16 drones together powered by lithium batteries, so it can carry up to 160 kg for 10 minutes and with 2-3 meters altitude. If the flight time could go up a little bit, it seems like our traveling habits will be changed forever in the near future.

Currently the innovative drone company, Flyt Aerospace is trying to make the flight mechanism more comfortable and ergonomic, also plans to make changes based on the user’s comments on the part that the user will be sitting on. Also, if the company can make the system fully operational, they will also start implementing a solar charging system which can change the game forever. ¹ ²