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Tinder Select is an invitation-only version for rich, beautiful and famous people

Online matchmaking application Tinder has a separate version dedicated to the rich, beautiful and famous people. Only the invitees can subscribe to the ‘Tinder Select’ version of the application.

The world’s most popular matchmaking practice Tinder has developed a version called ‘Tinder Select’, which is exclusive to the rich and famous. According to the report published by Tech Crunch, ‘Tinder Select’, which has been serving for 6 months, can only be registered with the invitation sent by existing members.

Allegedly, existing users who have access to ‘Tinder Select’ can send an invitation to their friends. However, those who are entitled to the invitation can not send another invitation to someone else. In this way, Tinder will be able to keep its Select version truly VIP that serves to a bunch of special and selected people.


It’s an add-on to Tinder, not a separate application

According to Tech Crunch, Tinder Select works as an add-on to Tinder, not as a separate app. Users can switch between Tinder Select and normal Tinder.

Last October, Vlogger and makeup artist Claire Marshall was one of the first to make an initial comment about Tinder Select. In her tweet she said “Just received an email saying I was chosen to join Tinder SELECT (which is a thing apparently) so I should celebrate…”.