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Using VPN in China is now officially a crime

chinese goverment blocks VPN usage country-wide
chinese goverment blocks VPN usage country-wide

The Chinese government has recently blocked access to sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, which are the “roots” of the internet. Then internet users in the country have started to use private networks and VPNs, as a solution to bypass the restriction

But the Chinese government, which has not yet spoken the last word, has finally thrown out the step that internet users are afraid of. From this week, VPN use in China is now forbidden. Now VPN use and access to the internet via private cable connections will not be possible without an approval from the Chinese government.

According to the new regulations and rules announced by the China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the use of VPNs will be banned from March 2018 and the use will be criminalized to ensure that internet connection is ‘healthy’.

Previously, the Chinese government made some moves towards VPNs, the biggest ban in this regard came in March 2016 at the time of the National People’s Congress in Beijing, and many VPN programs were out of use.

It is unclear how the Chinese government will identify VPN users and penalize them. The funny thing is that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, made the following statement recently at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland:

“We have to double our efforts to develop a global connection for all countries and help each other to achieve a common goal, a conservative regime is like locking itself in a dark room.”