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What Can We Expect From The Apple Event


September 12th is the day that made all of us curious when numerous sources including Apple reported that the tech giant will hold a conference in the Steve Jobs Theater at their ultra-modern Apple Park headquarters located in Cupertino, California.

Suddenly, everyone started wondering what will Apple announce this time? What can we expect from them? New series of smartphones, watches? Nobody knows for sure, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t express our expectations, right?

First of all, Apple will definitely go hard like they were going in the past years, but what has changed in terms of streaming is that this year they will start streaming on Twitter aside from the reporters which will be present during the conference.

The second thing is that previously, Apple had limited viewing to Edge and Safari desktop users, while this time they have granted an access to those who are using Firefox and Chrome, so there must be something that Apple wants to announce, and it will be big for sure!

To watch the live stream, you can go to the Apple’s website.

Moving on, if we go back a year ago when Apple celebrated the tenth anniversary of their iPhone, which literally changed the market and the way of how companies should craft their products, the tech giant has announced their iPhone X.

This year, it is expected that they will unveil three new iPhones such as the “iPhone XS”, “iPhone X Max” – which may be a phablet-sized version, as well as the iPhone XS Plus if reports are legit.

apple event 2018For instance, iPhone XS Max would not only have a larger screen than the iPhone XS, but Apple will for sure add something that will keep the “Max” model ongoing, maybe a better battery, or even dual-SIM cards which at the same time would make it be the first iPhone with dual-SIMs.

On the other hand, the “iPhone XS” may become the cheapest iPhone in the “X” series and it will arguably have a better value if we compare it with the iPhone 8 which is facing some difficulties to maintain its position on the market.

If we take the smartphones aside, Apple users expect the newest Apple Watch which according to some leaks may pack a slightly brighter screen, better heart-monitoring capabilities, and even a facial recognition tech such as the FaceID. If this becomes a reality I’m sure that this company will establish itself even more in the smartwatch market.

Moreover, earlier this year, Apple has also unveiled their new Apple MacBook Pros, which suddenly shocked the market because nobody expected that. Well, there are rumors floating around which claim that Apple could introduce a newer, and cheaper MacBook Air as well, which is surely a top news for Apple fans.

In the iPad section, we could be seeing a new iPad Pro that may also come with Face ID, however, this isn’t confirmed and it is purely based on reports that are spread over the Internet.

But what may be really interesting if the newest iPad Pro comes equipped with a Face ID is that the home button would be removed which is at the same time strange and cool!

Finally, one thing is certain and that’s the Apple way of introducing new products which will definitely surprise the market on one side, while on the other, their new products will surely be essential for Apple’s future, so let’s see what is going to happen!

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