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World’s first smart condom rates your sexual performance

A company from the United Kingdom called The British Condom announced the world’s first intelligent wearable condom, i-Con. There is a chip inside the condom and it’s non-disposable, also can be used as many times as you want.

The chip inside the condom connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and measures your body heat and gives you many performance reports including calories burned, average/max/min speed and total time you spent during the sexual intercourse.

Unlike conventional condoms, iCon can be used many times, not just one time and owes its intelligence to the nanochip inside. It’s actually not a condom, it’s a ring that sits at the base of the condom. Thanks to its wireless technology, it can also be paired with FitBit fitness wristband to measure even more data such as the speed and quantity of thrust, the velocity of thrust, average skin temperature, and girth measurement.

The best of all is, the data collected by i-Con can be shared with your friends on social media. The company behind the i-Con is British Condoms and it took 3 years to develop the product. It also has 8 hours of endurance before it runs out of juice and needs a recharge.

This smart condom, which fits “all sizes”, is available for preorders in the UK at a price of £60. The product is only compatible with iOS at the moment, but the Android support is expected to be released after launch.