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Yandex Navigation now shows you empty parking spots near you

Yandex Navigation, Russia’s internet giant has just unveiled a brand new feature in order to solve parking and traffic problems in the most congested city in the world; Istanbul. ¹

Besides providing its users with the most up to date traffic reports and maps, Yandex’s park assistant system no shows and directs you to the nearest empty parking spot using real-time data.

We can call this innovation announced by Yandex first of its kind because there’s a highly complicated tech behind the scene which is a combination of big data and artificial intelligence.

The navigation application is designed to provide necessary routes to parking lots.

Said the head of the Yandex Turkey branch Zafer Sever in a speech he gave in Istanbul.

The new version of the Navigation app has also been integrated with social features which allows other users to share the empty parking lots near them and ask other users whether there are empty spaces in the target destination or not.

Additionaly, users who leave a parking space will be able to send a quick notification with one push of a button and let other people know the spot is empty.

Onur Karahayıt, Chief of the Map Services Branch in Turkey also stated that new features have been introduced in Turkey first, even before Moscow-Russia, where Yandex’s headquarter is located. Because Turkey has a unique place in the countries where Yandex operates. He stresses that Yandex has 60 million active users worldwide and its market share in the country is 7.8 percent. Also more than 60 percent of active internet users in Turkey prefer Yandex as the everyday browser. Due to high level of user activity in the country, badly needed user, map and traffic data needed to make the app reliable have been collected easily, which is one of the other key factors in picking Istanbul as the first pilot region in the world.

The app,  is available on both new generation Android and IOS smartphones.

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